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The Most Common Time Wasters in Every Company


The Most Common Time Wasters in Every Company

The business world we have today is so competitive already that business owners and even professionals do not have any time to waste anymore.

Every minute that’s not used properly could lead to wasted opportunities. When the lack of productivity accumulates, this will no doubt cause a company to fail.

As a business owner, you should eliminate inefficiency in the workplace and among your workers, and the first thing to do to achieve this is to identify what those inefficiencies are. In this post, you’re going to learn about the most common time wasters in companies.

1. Social Media

It’s known to most business people that monitoring their social media accounts is a vital part of providing the best customer service. It allows them to detect and respond to customer complaints in a timely fashion. This doesn’t mean, however, that they should watch social media round the clock.

What smart business owners do is invest in social media automation so that efficiency in tracking customer complaints or feedback can be maintained, while at the same time ensuring that company time isn’t all spent on this activity alone.

2. Emails

If you take a closer look at how much time your team members are spending reading, writing, or forwarding emails, you will be surprised. You should take the necessary steps to teach your team the best and efficient email practices. There are tools such as collaboration software or instant messengers you can use to enable your members to communicate effectively with each other without the need for emails.

3. Tech Issues

Technology is made to make running your business easier and not more difficult. Thus, it can be really frustrating if you have to spend a significant amount of time figuring out what could have gone wrong with your systems. The best thing to do is keep a backup of all your data. This way, should there be problems with your main device, you won’t have to worry about possibly losing all your important or confidential data.

4. Meetings

Yes, meetings are among the biggest time wasters in organizations today. While it’s important that you meet with your people every now and then, it doesn’t mean you should call for meetings to discuss things that aren’t of utmost importance or urgency. You should consider using collaboration tools designed to make information dissemination simpler yet more effective.

5. Conflicts

Conflicts are inevitable in any workplace or organization. In any business consulting program, it’s emphasized that managers or business owners need to have a specific process or policy in place for conflict resolution. This way, conflicts among workers can be addressed in a timely manner so they won’t get bigger or worse. As a result, time wasted can be minimized and employee productivity can be restored.

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