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Tips for Any Manager for Creating a High Performance Organization



People always talk about how to create high performance teams and organizations, and they all have different views as to how this can be achieved. The question is if they really do understand what is actually happening within those ‘almost perfect’ organizations.

Forming high performance teams and organizations is a process, but it isn’t as complicated or difficult as many of us think. It may be challenging, but if you put in enough time and energy into it, it won’t take time before you can create an organization that performs to its full potential.

Important Traits of High Performance Organizations

Communicating Parameters

It is important for managers to tell their staff what their roles are in the organization. There are a couple of ways employees may know what is expected of them, one of which is through the job description.

Surprisingly, not all businesses use job descriptions, and this is often a cause of problems. If employees don’t have a clear understanding of what their job is, there is no way you can expect them to perform well.

The operational business plan is another tool for communicating roles. In an operational business plan, the goals for the company are outlined, along with the steps required to achieve them.


Once your people begin to understand what their role is and what goals the company is trying to achieve, they become more capable of making good decisions. Managers don’t always have to decide for the group. By empowering your staff, you can rely on them more to make choices that will benefit the organization or the company.

Establishment of Performance Criteria

This shouldn’t be a difficult process as long as you have a business plan and a job description. These tools will set the parameters and will make it easier for you to measure your workers’ individual performances. It is recommended also that you let your people know that their success is being monitored. This will help motivate them and keep them engaged in the success of the group.

Holding People Accountable

It becomes much easier for managers to hold people accountable when everyone understands what their roles and responsibilities are, and how they are being evaluated. As a manager, you should not hesitate to hold any of your staff accountable because the truth is, people perform better when they are given accountability.

For a manager to successfully create a high performance organization, there’s a lot of work to be done. You must know what you want from your people; let them know your expectations; measure their performance; and hold them accountable. While this sounds really complicated and difficult to do, having it as part of your system will allow you to have more time to focus on the other more important aspects of running your business.

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