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Why Are Students Prone to Making Wrong Career Choices?


Why Are Students Prone to Making Wrong Career Choices?

Many students actually plan their careers ahead. They make up their minds as to what they want to become in the future. These plans are often in the form of dreams and aspirations, which they are serious about achieving sooner or later. They also believe that getting the right course in university is vital for their career success in the future. This is true, of course, but there’s more they need to learn in order to make the right decisions. When their thought process is wrong, they are likely to think illogically.

Why Are Students Prone to Making Wrong Career Choices?

Peer Pressure

It’s common for students to make decisions that they ideally are not ready to make. Students who are pressured by their peers tend to choose a career path that does not suit them. Basically, when a student pursues a stream of education that he or she doesn’t really want, they are not likely to pursue getting a job in that field. What happens next is they will try to look for something else they are more interested in. And there goes the first sign of a wrong choice of career.

Following Parents’ Desires

Parents guide us throughout our lives, and they always try to help us make decisions, even those that affect our careers. Thus, it’s common for students to decide according to what their parents want for them. This is not ideal, however, as students need to choose a career path based on their own desires and passion. Choosing a career that your parents want for you is an immature way of deciding on your career path.

Market Trends

Many students also make the mistake of picking a stream of education based on the trends in the market. But just because a particular profession is in demand at the moment does not mean it will be a few years later. What many students don’t realize is that by the time they graduate and enter the workforce, the demands of a certain market would have changed already. Thus, it’s always best to choose a career path that you really want to belong to.

What Should You Do?

As a student, the first thing you need to do is find the path of education that you will remain interested in for many years. You need to figure out what you are passionate about and make a decision based on what you are passionate about. Also, do a lot of research about the kinds of careers a particular educational degree may lead to. If possible, you also want to consult a career coaching expert early on so you can receive proper guidance in choosing a stream of education and career path.

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