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You Cannot Survive Alone


One of the most important things in the world is having people in your corner who can save the day when the day needs saved.

Life is a tsunami of change and uncertainty and we cannot survive alone.

I’m blessed. My life is filled with people people I can count on when I need someone in my corner. They’ve shown up during work-crisis, family emergencies, flight delays, panic attacks, for my book-launch, when I’ve needed a word of encouragement, or shoulder to cry on. They’re my cheerleaders, coaches, helpers and sages. They are my lifeline.

Don’t wait until you need it to cultivate the relationships that will get you through your storms. Invest in building your support team now. Every day.

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Don’t wait until you’re unemployed to build your network. Don’t wait until you’ve started your own company to grow your tribe. Don’t wait until your health fails to surround yourself with healthy people. Don’t wait until you’re feeling lonely to be a friend.

Don’t go it alone. Invest in others now, not for what you will reap, but for what it will make of you in the process. The byproduct? When you need people in your corner, they’ll be there. hashtagBraveLeadership

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