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You Are More Powerful Than You Know


You know how sometimes life happens and those immaculately planned plans just don’t go as planned?

Imagine other people are counting you. The stakes feel high.

Then life happens. Your body immediately reacts. You feel like you want to vomit. Your mind turns to white noise. Your hands start to shake. Every muscle is tense. You’re holding your breath. For an eternity, time stands still and it’s just you and your new reality. Things are not as they should be.

Now what?

I find it interesting how the universe consistently gives me opportunities to use my own tools! As someone who writes and talks about being and bringing your best, most authentic and powerful—brave—self to the world in the face of fear, change, the unknown, ambiguity, vulnerability, and overwhelm, it’s a beautiful bit of karma that I would get consistently reminded of why this work matters.

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“Breathe…,” I coach myself, “You’ve got this. You’ve been through harder things.” I roll my shoulders back, shift my focus off of the fire-of-the-day and back to purpose. What’s the impact I want to have? What action can I take? Move forward. One. Action. At. A Time.

Whatever shows up in your life, you can do this. You are more powerful than you know. We all are.

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