How Can I Improve My Delivery Skills?

A skilled speechwriter wrote to say he’d like to improve his own speaking skills, and he asked for some suggestions.

Look for opportunities to speak more often.
Speaking is a skill (like tennis or golf). The more you do it, the better you will get.

Improve the research you put into your presentation.
The more interesting your research (examples, statistics, case histories, quotations, comparisons, news reports, etc), the more interesting your delivery will become.

Keep working at your speaking skills.
Look at every presentation as an opportunity to improve. It is!

Get feedback.
That is: Get specific feedback from one person per speech. Avoid seeking opinions from too many people in your audience, or you’ll experience “feedback overload”.

Target specific areas for improvement, and prioritize your goals.
This month, work on your voice. Next month, work on your hand gestures. Then just keep going.