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How Can You Get an Audience to Hear Your Messages?

Let’s start with the basics. If you want an audience to hear your messages, you need to have messages – clear, clean, concise, powerful, memorable messages.

What’s the test? Before you begin working on your speech, write down your three most important messages. Use direct, simple language. If you can’t do this test without using a hundred words, then you don’t have clear, clean, concise, powerful, memorable messages. Rewrite, tighten, cut, fix.

Giving a presentation is not like “talking” with people. You can’t be casual in your approach to the event. If you find yourself thinking things like, “Oh, I’m not going to do anything special for this presentation. It’s an easy topic. I’ll just speak off the cuff” … well, you’re headed down the wrong path.

You need to prepare for each presentation. And as you prepare, you need to include signals so each audience will hear the points that are most relevant for their needs. An easy technique for doing this? “Here’s an important point I want you to take back to the office: __”

Not all parts of your presentation will have equal import. Some messages will be more powerful than others. Say so, bluntly. Tell the audience: “Listen carefully. The statistic I’m about to share with you will impact your business: __.”

Savvy speakers know how to lead an audience.