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Public Speaking

How Important Is Your Message?


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If you are giving a presentation of significance, make sure the audience understands both your content and your intent.

Some presentations are simply more important than others: a scientist making a proposal for a critical grant … a medical professional trying to persuade others to take a new approach … an educator seeking funding for a state-wide program … a financial advisor wanting to clarify investment consequences.

Your content is critical. But your intent is equally critical. What do you want your listeners to hear? To remember? To do?

In speeches of substantial magnitude, it’s important for you to make your intentions very clear to the audience.

Pay attention to your:

* tone

* sincerity

* urgency

* commitment

* passion

* dedication

Do not make the mistake of doing a serious presentation in a casual way. You are not chatting over a cup of coffee. You are putting yourself (and your organization) on the line. The stakes are big.

Do not use a “breezy” speaking style. You must come across as a speaker of substance, clout and confidence. Focus. Don’t wander. Don’t digress. Make every word count.

When you command attention, you get attention. Even better, you get results.

Now, get to work.


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