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How to Ace Team Presentations

For many organizations, team presentations have become a way of life.

Here are some tips to make your next team presentation more effective:

Prior to the presentation

1. Make one person responsible

2. Set the date for your dress rehearsal – and make it firm.

3. Hire a presentation coach early in the process. [Note: Spring and autumn are prime seasons for conferences so skilled speaker coaches are tightly booked during those months. Don’t wait until the last minute to hire a coach.]

4. Capitalize on the unique strengths of your team.

At the presentation

5. Get every presenter settled on stage at the same time.

6. Give each member a good introduction. CAN YOU SAY A FEW WORDS? (St Martin’s Press, 2006) offers detailed advice about introductions.

7. Control the Q&A session carefully. Don’t let a rambling Q&A ruin a well planned team presentation.