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How to Make Your Next Presentation More Interesting



Here’s the most common question I get when I teach speechwriting or presentation skills workshops: “What can I do to make my speeches more interesting?”

My answer is: “Vary your research.”

It’s not enough to give the audience statistics – no matter how terrific you think your stats might be. (Truth be told, statistics can be downright boring – but that’s a topic for another day and another blog.)

Instead, you need to give the audience a wide range of research details. Consider some of your options:

* anecdotes

* audio clips (Even a 20 second sound clip can bring new life to a presentation)

* charts/graphs

* comparisons/contrasts

* date in history (Speaking on September 22? Cite something relevant that happened on the date 10, 25, 50+ years ago)

* definitions

* demonstrations

* endorsements (If someone has good words to say about your organization, find a way to work in this endorsement)

*  examples

* expert opinions

* interview excerpts

* letters (from colleagues, customers, officials, clients … )

* news stories

* polls

* pop culture references

* props (Don’t overlook this option. People sit up and pay more attention when they see real objects used to make a point)

* quotations

* statistics

* studies (from academia, associations, foundations …)

* visual support

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