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Public Speaking

How to Project Public Speaking Confidence



Your audience will form an impression of you before you say one word. Make it a good impression.

These tips will help you project a confident speaking presence in those critical moments before you begin your presentation:

1. Walk with purpose to the lectern. Don’t amble.

2. Get your speaking notes in order. (Using hard copy? Always have each page numbered so you don’t lose your place if the papers get jumbled at the last minute.)

3. Breathe.

4. Stand straight and place your weight evenly over both feet. This stance will help you feel “grounded” and – most important – it will put you in control of the room.

5. Using a microphone? You should have tested the microphone in advance, but double check it now. Use your best voice to say, “Good morning/afternoon/evening.” Do not blow into the mike. Do not tap it.  Do not say “Testing, testing, testing”. Any doubts about the volume? Simply look to the far back of the audience and ask “Is the sound good?” (Wise speakers get friendly with the venue’s AV person before any presentation.)

6. Pause. And breathe.

Now (and not one moment sooner), you are ready. You’re in a position of strength. Begin to speak with confidence.


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