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10 Sales Call Commandments You Must Obey

Learning how to make sales calls like a pro takes patience, persistence, and practice. Even the most seasoned sales professionals can still struggle from time to time on the phone.

If you want to succeed in sales, not only should you use Spiro, an AI-powered CRM to help you know who to call, but you also need to know what to do and say once you get them on the line.

Here are the 10 Sales Call Commandments you must obey:

1. Know Who You Are Calling

If you are going to attempt to sell your product to a person, or their company, you need to make sure you are contacting the right person. Find the contact who is in the proper position to make the purchase. It is a waste of time trying to sell something that may be totally irrelevant to the person you are calling. With resources like LinkedIn, a little background research can be easily done to make sure you are reaching out to the correct person in the first place.

2. Perform Company Research

How can you possibly offer a real solution to a buyer without understanding their business? You can’t. And you are unprepared if you call without researching the company’s website, at the very least. Make contact armed with an understanding of their business, their competition, potential pain points and how you can offer a solution.

3. Don’t Blabber On and On

When you get your prospect on the phone, you want to start pitching your product, but be careful to not blabber on too much. Instead of jumping into your sales presentation, show consideration by beginning with questions. Initially, ask if they have time to talk now. If you don’t want to lose that deal, start off on the right foot and begin the call by listening, not blabbering.

4. Have a Plan

Arguable even worse than blabbering on and on, is calling a prospect without having a plan for the conversation. Don’t be shocked when someone picks up your call. Be prepared with a goal for the sales call. Your buyers are probably busy, so you need to have purpose and direction. Know your objective for the call.

5. Remember to Call When You Say You Will

Follow up when you say you will. Period. If you don’t, this tells the prospect that they are not important and also that you aren’t good for your word. If you say you will call at 10AM on Tuesday, make sure you call then. It helps the buyer feel valued and builds trust in your relationship. Make following up, and following up on time, a priority.

6. Give Direct Answers

It’s important to be honest with your prospects. If a buyer ask you how much your product costs, give them an answer. Nobody wants a response like, “We will go over that later.” If a buyer is asking, they want to know, NOW. If you know the answer to what they are asking, don’t be avoidant and beat around the bush.

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7. Only Answer Questions You Can

On the flip side, if a prospect asked you a question you don’t know the answer to, don’t make something up. Tell the customer you will find out the answer and get back to them. Estimating or guessing at answers you really aren’t sure of, won’t help move the deal along. Take time to uncover the truth, and your prospect won’t mind waiting for the answer.

8. Focus on Your Product, Not the Competition

Try to avoid talking too much about your competitors. It can easily come across as competition bashing, and that does little to elevate your own product. When you talk down the competition, it leaves potential buyers feeling like you have little to offer. Instead, focus on the competitive advantage of your products, not the other company’s shortcomings.

9. Be Competent

If you don’t know your product well, or how it’s going to add value to your client’s business, don’t make a sales call until you do. You must be able to articulate your value proposition and be able to competently provide them with a solution.

10. Use Technology to Help

Not sure who to call next? Try using a CRM that can help guide you along your sales day with proactive recommendations on what prospects you need to be calling, and when. Spiro’s AI-Powered CRM has helped salespeople reach 47% more prospects per week! Use technology to help make the most of your sales calls.