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10 Things Ridiculously Successful Salespeople Do Every Day


10 Things Ridiculously Successful Salespeople Do Every Day

It’s very unusual for a top sales producer at a company to not be a top producer after switching companies. It’s also not mere coincidence. The best salespeople may each arrive at their goals in a unique way, but there’s no doubt that they tend to share similar characteristics and habits.

Spiro was designed to help you make more money in sales by spending less time entering data, predicting what actions will yield the best results, and helping you stay motivated and entertained throughout the day, but it’s up to you to do the actual selling. Here are the ten things that successful salespeople do every day:

1. They keep moving forward

The best sales reps don’t stop and celebrate every little success since they know that consistent effort is the only thing that will make them a lot of money. Successful salespeople move forward no matter what happens, good or bad.

2. They focus on one person at a time

The best salespeople make sure that whoever they’re talking to gets their absolute undivided attention. They don’t rush to get off the phone with a prospect, or move onto the next deal until they’ve made the person in front of them feel like they’ve been heard.

3. They plan their day

Successful salespeople usually don’t come into the office and wing it, they have a process for what they do each day. Of course sales is full of surprises and nothing ever truly goes according to plan, but the foundation for success is built on structure.

4. They look for opportunities everywhere

The best salespeople know that opportunities are found outside of normal lead sources, and look for them wherever they exist. They know that relying on standard methods of prospecting and will get standard results and adjust accordingly.

5. They see the upside

If you’re easily dejected and have a hard time seeing the positive in every situation, you will have a hard time being ridiculously successful. The cream of the crop focus on opportunities, not obstacles, and always think their best days are around the corner.

6. They learn from their mistakes

Sales managers are fond of saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” The best salespeople know this, and never make the same mistake twice. If the pitch doesn’t work, they adjust it. If the leads are bad, they adjust the lead source.

7. They focus only on what matters

One of the hardest things anyone in business will decide is what to spend their time and attention on. Spiro can help you decide what actions to take to be successful, and the best salespeople only spend time doing things that get them closer to their goals. They don’t waste time with unqualified prospects, and don’t procrastinate, they only focus on what matters.

8. They make time for themselves

A common misconception among salespeople is that 100% of your waking hours should be spent working. This is both absurd and counterproductive. If you’re not well-rested and don’t give yourself time to unwind, you’ll simply burn out and won’t be doing yourself or your sales goals any favors. Get enough sleep and enough downtime and you’ll be more productive, it’s as simple as that.


9. They set daily goals 

Everyone in sales sets monthly or quarterly goals (management sure does) but the best salespeople break those down into smaller daily and sometimes even hourly goals. This simplifies the goals and makes the bigger ones more attainable.

10. They ask themselves how they can help their customers 

Successful salespeople have figured out how to keep the most important question a salesperson can possibly understand in their mind at all times: How can I help my customer? Once that question drives all of your behavior as a salesperson, you will have taken the biggest step to mastering sales.


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