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10 Tips to Achieve Results Attracting the Right Clientele


10 Tips to Achieve Results Attracting the Right Clientele

Finding the right people with whom to connect is very similar to finding the right client or job. It takes effort and time to find the potential good connections, and even longer to create a solid relationship.

Ultimately, the better connections will provide the best introductions on your behalf.

Yesterday’s blog was about embracing other perspectives and to adapt to your own style. How you connect is another area of accepting a wider variety of perspectives

My Story

Today, I exchanged tweet messages with a mutual follower. Almost 14 years ago, a business acquaintance and I met. Today she interviewed me and made a valuable introduction. I reciprocated by making a similar type of introduction for her. On a high note, being found on social media, I was asked by New Voice Media to write an article. Promotion of the article was promised among the company’s media channels.

I make it a habit to try out and implement a variety of ways to accomplish the same in order to know which works best. It’s part of the trial and error approach to business. In the end, it is easy to conclude the right answer for me. It’s important to note that the answers for each of us may vary dramatically.

Your Story

Are you solely relying on one networking group to meet folks or do you cast a wide net? Time efficiency is essential and that’s why the social media platforms prove to be an excellent connection ground.

  • Do you respond to posts you enjoy?
  • Do you relay why you enjoyed the post to create a bond?
  • On occasion do you extend the invitation to connect by email, phone or Skype?

These connections may be viewed as a part of your sales pipeline. And so it would be smart to devote a little time each day to review your in-boxes to see if there is an individual with an interesting message. Then make it a habit to respond immediately before the connection gets lost in the cloud.

Sales Tips:

  1. Glance through the Twitter home page to see what catches your eye.
  2. Upon receiving LinkedIn invitations see whose work is of the most interest.
  3. Look at responses on your Facebook page(s) to see if a conversation is ready to go.
  4. If there is a Pin on Pinterest, reach out to the pinner.
  5. Should you enjoy a video on YouTube, let the person know.
  6. Follow-up with those you meet socially.
  7. Check email for the more intriguing notices.
  8. Research industries for companies that you like.
  9. Reconnect with people from the past by asking if they would be interested in an exchange of updates.
  10. At least monthly exchange news with your closer friends.
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