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3 Ways To Get Prospects To Call You Back


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Struggling to get prospects to call you back? We’ve all been there. It was love at first sight. They loved your product, and told you so. Repeatedly. You had great conversations. They asked for a proposal. You spent hours on working on a masterpiece.

You sent it through. Then nothing. Not a bleep. You e-mailed. Gently. Nothing. Called them. Still nothing. Reached out. Again. Again.

Still nothing. Now what?

The #1 rule to observe is to stay cool, and don’t jump to conclusions. You see, this is not about you. It’s about them. Something has changed on their side, and your job is to find out the answer to three simple questions.

  • What happened that made them stop the conversation?
  • Why did it happen?
  • Does it still make sense for us to keep talking?

Your job is not to be obnoxious and to keep pushing. Your job is also not just to give up and move on. Your job is to stay on the ball, and determine whether it makes sense to move forward.

So if you are struggling to get prospects to call you back, try these three practical tips to get back on their radar – and back in the game.

1. Deliver something of value

Reaching out and providing a piece of relevant, related information will help you reach out in a way that is non-threatening and adds immediate value. Worried about whether they will “get the message”? Trust me, they will.

2. Make a helpful introduction

Make an introduction to someone who can help them succeed. Maybe it’s someone who holds a similar (or more senior role) in another firm. Maybe it’s someone who can help them solve a problem you know they’ve been working on.

The point is: provide a helpful introduction to someone you know they will value, and you will add value to both parties (and yourself).

3. Back away

If all else fails, use a strategy called “reversing”. It’s like an old Jedi trick used by master salespeople. It is basically the equivalent of saying “Hey. Things may have changed. I’m busy. You’re busy. I’ll assume this is not going to happen (unless you tell me otherwise).”

By using this strategy, you invoke two of the most powerful principles in human psychology. First, scarcity: you are sending a clear message that the offer (or you) will not be available forever. Second, you send a subtle message that you are equal to them in every way. You are just as busy. Your time is just as valuable.

So. If you want get prospects to return your calls – don’t push. Pull.

Which brings me to my next point. You are not some needy salesperson crying out for their attention. You are not begging for their business. You are a businessperson of equal worth, stature and reputation in every single sense. People are naturally drawn to confident (not cocky), successful people. Signaling you are such “people” will have your prospect notice, and entice them to get in touch. Because important people matter.

By following these three simple steps, you make it safe for them to continue the conversation. You are telling them you will not abuse their confidence, rob them of their time and cling to them like a salt water barnacle. You are not “just checking in”, or wasting their time. You are delivering value every step of the way.

Will this work every time?

No. Some prospects will continue to ignore you, and some will continue to hide and play games. Some will come back and give you the answer you were dreading all along – “no”.

But a decent percentage will come back to you and tell you something like “Hey. I just had to get a few things out of the way. Let’s talk.”

Just what you wanted to hear.

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