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5 Fatal B2B Sales Mistakes You Must Avoid

Written by: Emily Watts There are many benefits from doing business with another company. The rewards are laudable. But it doesn't go without the effort. It can be very tough closing deals with potential prospects in business-to-business sales.However, even the tough ones can have a soft spot. Being on the selling side, you have the upper hand with the customer, and you mustn't let closing that deal pass you by. Nevertheless, the sad part is many sales personnel make certain sales mistakes that cause the company to lose what was meant to be gain. Knowing such mistakes would help you jump over such and next time to dominate your rivals in B2B sales . These 5 mistakes would sweep off that log from your eye.

1. Selling rather than relationship building

Customer relationship is prior to selling any product or service to the customer. The most effective way of getting your B2B sales closed is not selling. By connecting with the customer, the customer feels they have a choice rather than being sold a product or service. By laying out the problem and identifying the solution is the best way to see your sales conversions. For building strong bonds with your prospective customers, get interested in their business and needs. Before you do this, be prepared for a meeting with the client company and do good research on the company.

2. Making products features and benefits the highlight

Gone are the days when prospects cared so much about the features and benefits of the product or service a company offers. The fact is these prospects now only care about the results and outcomes they can get from your company. All that glitters isn't gold and placing those features in the headlights won't draw those prospects closer. They are more concerned about how you can solve their problems and the aggravating frustration that itches them. Companies offering this professional pay for papers serviceimplement this strategy. Rather than making the features and benefits of your products stand out, let prospects know what they stand to gain specifically from your product or service.

3. Giving just one-option proposals

A sure sign you're close to success is when you get to the proposal stage. Prospects like choices. On getting to this proposal stage, don't mess it up by using a poorly written one-option proposal. Customers don't like to be caged. It is very key to give at least three different options in the proposal to prospective customers. The three options should include; an inexpensive option, a slightly pricier option and a premium option. Using this strategy lays down the ground basis for each option and it usually encourages people to go for the higher-end option which in turn discourages them from shopping for more options.Related: Should Old Prospects Be Forgotten?Related: How Proactive Listeners Sell More and Win Big

4. Hastening the client

It's always a good idea to follow up with clients once the proposal has been given to them. However, everyone needs time to let things sink in as they digest everything about the proposal options. Rushing your client is a no-no and takes your sale strategy from 1 to 0. It's always best not to pressure the client.As the right time comes to follow up your client, take the time and patience to understand what they desire and how best to respond to any objections that might arise.

5. Gifting deals and discounts

This is good but it isn't the best. Placing low prices on products or services attracts bad prospects in B2B sales. The perfect customer would care and cherish what you have to offer them not the prices. Stop offering discounts. This drastically lowers your worth in the eye of your prospects. Better still, be focused on the value you set to offer and pride yourself in the premium solution you offer. This positive attitude will attract the kind of customer that is looking for value and not price.In order to make the most out of your B2B sales, you must take into recognition these common mistakes that hinder businesses from closing that successful business sale. Customers value the outcome of what your product or service stands to offer. They are more concerned about what it can solve for them. They also need time to make their decision. Knowing all this, brace yourself by using the right B2B sales strategyto land that deal.Emily Watts is an all-time business mind. She has an MBA degree and many noteworthy certifications that have made her very keen in handling businesses. Particularly in the area of sales strategies, Emily prides herself in offering quality sales strategy coaching that has benefited many companies today.