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Sales Strategy

5 Sales Tips to Impact Your Performance


1. Don’t boil the ocean

Sales people who call on as many accounts as possible are trying to boil the ocean. As a sales person you want to RESEARCH the industry where your offering fits best, then IDENTIFY a decision maker that will likely benefit from your offering to finally develop a VALUE proposition that will resonate with those audiences.

2. Listening is better than talking

We have one mouth and two ears, which is a clear implication of what instrument we should use more, especially in sales. Many sales people talk themselves out of a sale by pitching a service, rather than listening to what the prospect actually wants. Ask relevant questions and then lean back and listen!

3. Don’t be defensive with prospects

When a prospect tells you that they like their current provider/service, don’t argue with them. Don’t tell them that your offering is better, it will put them on the defense. Ask them what they like about the solution and let them talk. Chances are, they will also share with you what they don’t like.

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 4. People don’t know what they don’t know

We often assume that our prospects know what they are looking for, which is not always the case. It is our responsibility as sales people to help them with their decision. Asking strategic questions will help identify a need, and then and only then can we offer a solution that is relevant.

 5. Don’t assume

Assumptions are bad, whether we assume on a personal or professional level. Don’t pretend to know more about your prospect’s business than they do. Ask questions to identify and repeat the answer back to your prospect to verify, that’s the only way to make sure that you understood correctly.

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