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5 Tips for Improving the Conversation …


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Initial conversations with prospective clients or hiring managers are sometimes awkward. The feeling of a free-flowing conversation is missed and not all questions are asked that should have been. Participants walk away feeling that there is no sense in pursuing the matter further. For businesspeople the sale is lost, and for those interviewing, the new job is lost.

The conversation is not over until all pressing questions have been answered

My Story

A colleague recommended that I attend an introductory webinar for a particular service. The topic held interest so I agreed to participate. However, as the hour progressed, my interest declined. In all honesty, I was just listening as there were several others on the line. Seeking commonality, it didn’t sound as if there was much to be found.

Afterward, I sent an email to the organizer to skip the next day telephone call. I didn’t want to waste her time. Ironically, she never received the email. Unexpectedly, my phone rang. “Beth” and I had one of the most energizing conversations I’ve had in a while.

It turned out that we have a similar sales background and share some of the same types of corporate horror stories. In fact, we are both on a mission to right some of those wrongs for younger women. Needless to say, I saw numerous ways in which we would both benefit by joining forces.

Your Story

Answers to the following questions may lend light on how to better handle future quick decisions.

  • Are you quick to dismiss new associations?
  • Do you occasionally feel bad about a hasty decision?
  • Most importantly, what triggered the quick decision to decline the offer?

1. Filters

Our filters are necessary for discerning where to stop in our tracks. However, sometimes they are too finely tuned. It’s best to have a follow-up discussion to be certain nothing was missed.

“I meant to ask…”

2. Missing Elements

If you find yourself wondering why something wasn’t addressed, be certain to ask. Leaving facts out of a conversation can either be intentional or due to not recognizing the importance. Either way you have both a need and the right to know the answer.

“What is your take on…?”

3. Recognize Clues

Clues are found in body language, posture, facial expressions and the show of interest in you. Any change in this is a sign that the other party has a question. Stop immediately to ask what’s on their mind.

“Do you have a question?”

4. Connect Personally

Exchange personal stories to develop a bond. Done with authenticity this strengthens the relationship and leads to greater sales.

“What was your prior experience?”

5. Best of All Worlds

The one question that lets you know the truth is, “What will your preferred vendor or job candidate have to offer?” 

The answers to these suggested questions provide a more in-depth dialogue allowing for an improved decision to be made. Confidence in your decision will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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