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50 Tips to Fuel Sales



Attract the Right Job or Clientele 50 Tips to Fuel Sales

Client perspective and goals come first

Work authentically and with integrity

Believe you can and you will

Anything IS possible with the right plan and commitment in place

Change the word “failure” to “marketing research”; as long as you learn from error there is no failure.

The initial sale is not important compared to developing client loyalty in the form of repeat business, referrals and testimonials

Build your personal brand well to convert into all written and verbal formats

Keep promises that include follow-up on requests and being punctual

Share your best insights on social media to engage audiences

Intermix platforms such as articles that include video and links to services to appeal to a wider audience

Get to know your clientele personally and professionally

Lead initial meetings with questions and ask people how they chose their career

Always strive to build relationships whether a new or long-time client

Deliver your very best customer service to include quickly fixing problems

Train your team to mirror your customer service policies to increase client loyalty

Your clientele treated well becomes your salesforce in disguise

Every month track your top achievements, projects to be continued and those ideas that did not work.  Reset next month’s goals and projects.

Collaborate on projects to extend your reach

Commit to self-education to broaden your knowledge and reach.

On occasion hire a coach to quickly advance

As new ideas take hold, re-strategize where you are, what may be improved, and new services to be created

Newer people to entrepreneurship or sales should increase initial contacts by 2 each week until your days are completely and productively filled.

Perseverance is key to finding success

Putting your clients’ needs first, sales grow in size and longevity

Positive thought increases positive results

Your personal brand precedes your reputation

Reciprocity transports your power-branding program

Work to turn your clientele into your salesforce.

Create community wherever you are.

Donate 15% of your time to community service.

Research organizations to volunteer your expertise.

Step into the leadership spotlight by helping others.

Freely advise, answer questions, and provide assurances to those newer to business.

Provide value-driven classes through the better-matched organizations.

Be open to new ideas for partnering and projects to participate.

Establish value-driven fees for services

Have legal counsel review documents before signing

Protect your company from litigation with possible incorporation

Be discerning of all expenditures; focus initially on the necessities

Research effective and least costly methods for accepting payment

Negotiation works best as a collaboration where everyone sees a win

Attend seminars to learn about smart investing and protection of income

Revisit how you developed your personal brand prior to accepting “deals”

Speak your truth and truth will follow you as you remain in integrity.

Creative thought carries society forward. 

Old-fashioned etiquette coupled with new age technology is the Savviest strategy of all

The two best sales tools are your smile and communicating “Thank You”

To attract a global audience become savvy with cultural sensitivities

We only have one life to live; do so without regret

When we each reach out to help at least one other person, we may positively impact society

Following these tips will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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