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7 Tips to Be Successful at Selling to Different Generations


Written by: Jacob Dillon

The thrust of engaging in successful sales to different generations is basically related to the art of effective communication. The phrase ‘different generations’ actually reflects the unique perspectives in which customers of diverse age grades respond to the marketing of any products. A significant separator in this regard is age. The need for effective communication leads the marketer to strive and make his business suit his customers. This may be somewhat hard but this article seeks to hand you the tips at being successful selling to different generations.

1. Take statistics of your target generations

This is where the successful businesses begin their operations. They take stats! This is where the demographic details of existing and prospective customers are considered. You may do well in weighing them by their purchasing power. The statistics clearly clarify the effective layout you would need to foreground the channels through which you would carry out your marketing.

It is even good for forecasting the financial inclinations of the company. The statistics of the varying categories like the silent generation (1925-1945), the baby boomers; generation X (1965 – 1979), the generation Y (1980 – 1995) when collected, reveals certain identifiers, interests, experiences, peculiarities that the marketer need to mind in order to foster smooth-flowing marketing options. Targeted marketing campaigns can result when a company takes an accurate and consistent data on the prospective and existing buyers.

2. Reveal the Benefits

Generation Y customers really love gratification for the usage of the products on time. Traditionalists and baby boomers are often after viable solutions and remedies to their present problems. To succeed at marketing, you need to make your customers appreciate the essences of their purchases.

Presenting your solutions and not just the characteristics of the products for marketing is a very efficient and effective means of retaining current buyers; it is also a way by which newer connections are generated.

3. Ask questions

Having knowledge of certain things that appear hidden is of utmost importance in effectively portraying the businesses of a company. You could achieve this as a marketer, if you attempt to seek responses and discover your customers’ interests by simply asking questions. Asking questions assists you with discovering the need areas of the customers. With this, one has got to be quite dynamic because the interests and passions of some generations (especially the generation Y) do change with time.

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4. Optimize Multi-channel marketing

There are a whole range of specific means by which successful marketing professionals ensure their products get the buying of their customers. Having knowledge of this truth and applying them is quite important to maintain relations with any customer from any generation. Some communication links are only suitable for certain generations while others may just find them repulsive and insist on other modes no matter how old-fashioned they may seem.

Customers in the traditional, baby boomers or Generation X might consider newsletters, direct mails and catalogs comfortable enough. Generation Y customers may not! They may only find a product usable and accessible only if they could find these products on appealing videos, emails, online advertisements, social media platforms on their smart phones or PCs and any other mode that is tech-driven. You need to know also that this demands that you would have to train your sales team on the emerging means by which you could optimize marketing.

5. Don’t Trivialize personal relationships

Making it big time in marketing your products comes with growing newer connections at every point in time. You need to often keep contacts with even unhopeful prospects and former buyers all alike as this may restore their loyalty to your own products in the industry. Going about this sincerely takes a level of professionalism and tact from you. You may even require the services of professionals. For instance, sometimes you have to write proposals for upcoming trade shows and you would need expert essay writers like EssaysOnTime to help you with that.

You may as well ensure you connect with your customers who propose prospects on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn. By doing that, you would increase your reputation. Optimizing other social media platforms also gives your business model the sterling qualities that promote your brand. The important details you should bring to bear in this regard are specifically – your company profile photo, your business details, the quality of your products and services, clientele reviews and attractive headlines on the pages. Having a word of mouth recommendation is another way of sourcing newer leads and can help foster a largely useful technique.

6. Effective networking

The dynamics of successful marketing thrives with good marketing. You need to equip your sales personnel on how to make the most of the advantages of networking at exhibitions, events and conferences. It is very possible for your enterprise to be engaged in diverse events throughout the year and it would be shrewd of you to link up with delegates and representatives at these events.

This meeting may offer invaluable discernment and deep analysis of your business afforded by excellent commentators. Ensure to create time to attend these events. Of the shows that take place, most are free to walk into. You establish the credibility of your business when you launch some consistent presence at some array of shows.

7. Avoid being over-stereotypic

The fact still remains that a majority of the generation customers have peculiar buying habits. These buying habits often inform the channels of reaching out to these customers. However, it may be somewhat surprising to find some of these customers attempt to modernize. Some of them hate the very idea of being seen as ancient and traditional.

They try to catch up with the newer generation and really love if marketers can approach them via the modern means. This is typical of categories like the traditional sets and baby boomers. And this is why taking a full-blown statistics collection that is dynamic enough to identify their interests and passions comes into place. You cannot afford to be rigid in your judgment of the various categories of customers that are available.


Meeting clients’ requirements may be a difficult task, especially if the clients belong to different age grades, social circuses, gender and/or national groups. This notwithstanding, adhering to the principles that have been outlined in this piece may facilitate a product to be commonly tremendous and socially acceptable. And notably, the principles are not ironclad but work effectively when applied interchangeably.

Jacob Dillon is a professional writer and distinctive journalist from Sydney. Being passionate about what he does, Jacob likes to discuss stirring events as well as express his opinion about technological advancements and evolution of society. Find Jacob on Twitter and Facebook.

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