9 Reasons Why People Buy From You and Will Continue

If you ever wondered what motivates people to buy from you, all you have to do is think about your favorite vendor for a particular service. List all of the keywords that motivate you to return time after time. Many of the adjectives also apply to the qualities sought in job applicants while on interviews.

My Story

In the early days of corporate sales, the only instruction I received was, “People buy from people they know, like and trust”. It became my mantra to learn how to accomplish this.

Emotional Need Met

The personal conversation saved the day and my job. Inclusion of the emotional aspect earned many appointments. It became evident the person needed to pick a trustworthy vendor to provide what was needed, wanted and deeply desired.

Website / Profile

In order for prospects to consider you, your contact information must be easily found. Social media connection links are an excellent idea to increase prospective audiences, and the copy should be succinct and easy to read.


In addition to empathy being built at the start, value is to also be built. Acknowledge the research you did and which aspect of the prospect’s business intrigues you most. This shows you are willing to work for the sale and earn their trust.


Establishing your unique brand will build further value and interest. Prospective clients want to know the advantages of how you deliver service. Without bad-mouthing the competition, you are able to put a question mark in the client’s mind.


Asking for a checklist of what is required to earn the sale, demonstrates you will work on the behalf of the client. Beware though, this sometimes prompts a test from your prospective client.

The Test

Frequently prospective clients will ask you to research something to help them make the right decision. It can be time-consuming and annoying. But the only thing you can be certain of, is, if you don’t produce what was requested, you will not get the sale.


Listening and clarifying everything that is shared puts you in first place. And delivering upon everything promised will produce very happy and loyal clients.


After the sale is completed, check in to earn a gold star from for your client and solidify the relationship. This usually prompts a glowing testimonial.

Testimonials and Referrals

When you hear the glowing words, ask if you may use those on your website. Then ask if the new client might know of anyone else who could use a similar service. Getting these in writing and posted multiple places will bring you additional clients and a loyal clientele.

Following these 9 insights will lead you to the Smooth Sale!