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A Simple Strategy To Influence A Larger Clientele


A Simple Strategy To Influence A Larger Clientele

Wherever you are in life and business, the one strategy that differentiates you from everyone else is to speak with heart. True leaders leave ego aside when they speak to their audiences.

Instead, they confide their hardships, difficult lessons learned, and pinpoint, for their audience, where their personal turnaround began. They then encourage listeners to consider implementing the same.

My Story

Without originally knowing the strategy as described above, I included my hardships faced in the corporate sales environment in all of my meetings and products. I did so through personal story-telling.

Years ago, I was advised to write, as if I am having a cup of coffee with my best friend while sharing my best stories. The events shaping my career were shared with heart thereby drawing in my audience. One book became an international best-seller and the other a best-seller.

As I meet with entrepreneurs, I freely share insights as to what has been learned on my journey. I do the same in my online posts. The result of this effort is that more people are attracted to me and my business, and a wonderful variety of opportunities continues to come forth.

My lesson learned is that when you allow your true self to be seen, others are there standing by your side.

Your Story

When you meet with your clientele or personnel at hiring companies, are you able to share the hard lessons learned that empowered you to get to the point you are at today? This is key for building credibility and relationships. Accordingly, it is also the key to furthering communication and getting to goal of either the sale or the job.

  • Do you make it a habit to share the best you have learned online?
  • Do you admit in person the tough lessons faced?
  • Do you freely help others in avoiding similar tough circumstances?

Once again, as people see you working to help them move forward without trauma, they will take you on as an advisor and provider. It’s the heart based approach that works best.

Create a list of your toughest lessons:

  • What did you learn from each?
  • How did you advance afterward?
  • Did it turn out to be for the best that the worst was experienced?

As you answer this second list of questions, you will have a great basis for telling your story on interviews, in client meetings, and online posts.

Sales Tips:

  1. Let others see the complete you.
  2. Admit your worst errors.
  3. Share what you learned from your errors.
  4. Share what you learned from observing errors of others.
  5. Relay lessons learned in story-telling form to draw people in.
  6. Speak to not giving up but finding an improved way.
  7. Provide the people listening motivation to keep going.
  8. Share what motivated you to not give up.
  9. Encourage an improved outcome due to perseverance .
  10. Inspire your audience to aim higher.

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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