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Are You Motivated to Push Boundaries? Let’s Start With Your Mindset


Are You Motivated to Push Boundaries Let's Start With Your Mindset

You may think the headline reflects someone who ignores all rules.

But today’s headline refers to being motivated to move past what you find challenging and where you find yourself today. These types of occurrences are in everyday life as well as career advancement and in business.

Pushing boundaries begins with changing our mindset that yes, we can do it! 

My Story

Today’s example is that of going to the gym. I used to belong to a well known gym that had outstanding equipment. Accordingly, it was easy to lift heavy weights and use the aerobic equipment at high speed.  Of course, this is according to my definition. Then we moved. The current equipment is calibrated very differently. Weights were at first extremely difficult to use. Even worse, the aerobic machines seemed useless. I won’t say “impossible” because we all know everything is possible if we want it badly enough.

Goal Setting

Goals with follow-through set the stage for an improved tomorrow.  Eventually, I became accustomed to the weights. Recently I was able to use the treadmill at a decent pace and incline. But I was still avoiding the elliptical machine. So I followed my own advice. I set an infant step of one minute of time on the machine, as a goal. Smiling, I achieved five minutes – 500% over the set goal! Although minimal, it felt successful. And now the challenge is on to get to the normal half hour aerobic workout plus weights.

Sales Competitiveness

You can see I’m competitive with myself. Goals are continually stretched to accomplish mere ideas. I don’t rest until they are achieved. This is how sales quota is achieved and how obtaining a good offer for the right job comes about.

Your Story

Is there something nagging at you that needs to be learned or implemented? Does the thought scare you somewhat?

The simple formula is three-fold:

  • Convince yourself to take the challenge.
  • Get help if you need it.
  • Set a chain of goals for accomplishment beginning with baby-steps with deadlines attached to each.

Mindset Change

The most difficult part is to begin. Give yourself a pep talk as you face the mirror. Say, “You can do this!”  Repeat the phrase continually until you believe it. This could apply to calling on CEO’s of giant corporations or letting the Director of H.R. know why you are the special candidate they need to hire.

As one goal is completed, a mental change begins to occur. The desire is to complete the next goal and then the next. Suddenly, it feels exhilarating to be accomplishing so much more in a shorter period of time. It is at this point, that you will recognize it’s time to create a grander vision than ever before thought possible. And you begin anew with once again setting goals that begin with baby steps.

Sales Tips:

  1. Admit to what needs to be learned and where help is needed.
  2. Set goals with timelines for completing the education.
  3. Implement the best of what is learned.
  4. Leverage the best into new services.
  5. Expand ideas for presenting to clients or to hiring managers.
  6. Analyze which ideas worked the best.
  7. Tweak the better ideas and expand upon them.
  8. Revamp your long term vision.
  9. Begin anew with setting goals and timelines for your legacy vision.
  10. Celebrate achievement of what was previously thought to be impossible.
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