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Are You Prepared to Finish the Year Strong?


Are You Prepared to Finish the Year Strong?

You are probably thinking, “it’s the last week of summer and you are talking about finishing the year strong?” A blog previously written on the topic of … using being different to your competitive advantage.  This is yet another way to stand out among your competitors.

Think about this: How many of your competitors, fellow job seekers, or sales team members in August, thinking about year-end goals? The likely answer is, “very few”. This is your opportunity to take the lead over most everyone else.

Enthusiasm, perseverance, and vision combined provide the competitive edge

My Story

Toward the end of summer, I take delight in thinking about year-end and all that may be accomplished. Those projects that bring the biggest smile are the ones that I concentrate on first. But for every project, there is a type of assembly to be put in place.


After enjoying the more relaxed days of summer, it becomes noticeable that a brush up on skills and new technologies are in order. Education comes in a variety of ways.

Twitter is a great resource for quick insight and links to informative articles. Facebook will occasionally offer webinars on the latest that their platform has to offer. Videos with insightful instruction may be found on many of the platforms

Competitive Advantage

Taking the initiative to brush up on what we admit is needed will make the difference in our overall effort. Clients appreciate it when we are able to advise versus just showing up to sell services. Likewise, hiring managers are grateful when a candidate shows up for an interview able to speak intelligently to the latest strategies on the market.

Connecting Personally

Whichever method for connection we make, it should be a bit personal. Whether via text messaging, social media or traditional sales calls, ask the other person if they did anything special over the summer vacation. Ask what’s new and what their goals are for a good year-end finish. This puts the conversation on the right path.

As people see your energy and enthusiasm in action, they become engaged and enthused themselves. This is what drives the motivation to hear you out and increase sales. 

Your Story

Are you differentiating yourself by creating a plan now for a strong year-end? What is it you would ultimately like to accomplish? Are you excited just thinking about it?

Begin organizing what needs to be put into place to see your vision come alive. List all those people and companies that need to be contacted. Hopefully it’s all updated in a database for ease of access and usage. What is your updated short story that you would like to share with prospective clients and what would you like to learn from them?

Create a list of the projects, goals and milestones to be accomplished by year-end. This automatically sets the timeline. Next, create a backup plan in case interruptions unexpectedly take place.

Time is of the essence. Making excellent use of time plus a well-crafted plan will get you to the goal you most desire.

Sales Tips:

  1. When competitors are relaxed be proactive
  2. Self-educate on a continuing basis
  3. Stay abreast of the news to include business and technology
  4. Take classes or hire mentors as needed
  5. Check in with clients after a holiday to inquire how they enjoyed it
  6. Ask clients what big project they hope to complete by year-end
  7. Treat hiring managers as your client by asking similar questions
  8. Recognize your biggest accomplishments so far to motivate to move to the next
  9. Develop a two minute story about who you are today and how you help clients
  10. Differentiate yourself from all those in a similar space

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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