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Are You Unknowingly Killing the Sale? Look to These 10 Top Tips


Are You Unknowingly Killing the Sale? Look to These 10 Top Tips

As we move forward in business and career, it is important for each of us to invest in our own education. We alone know which pieces are missing and are badly needed. By securing the training, our odds for success increase dramatically.

This weekend, review your possible “missing pieces”. Prioritize the most important and then set a budget aside to get the help you need.

My Story

In the role as the client, yesterday, I was appalled by the way in which my request was ignored. Salespeople would term this as an “objection”. I saw an improved route but the vendor refused to listen. On my end, time is of the essence for my project to be completed.

Ignoring objections and requests is a common error in the sales profession. Many believe if they ignore the issue, it will go away on its own. They cover up the issue by talking over it. This is a huge red flag for the client. The behavior gives indication that the work will most likely not meet expectations. It buries any hope for making a sale.

A much improved approach is to ask questions as to why the client is making the request. By obtaining clarity, the vendor is able to gain a wider perspective. Once the insight is provided and deemed valid, both parties find an improved path to follow together. The conversation becomes an excellent learning experience.

From that point forward, new client interactions will prove to flow more easily. By incorporating all of the lessons learned, over time, it becomes almost effortless to build relationships along with a loyal clientele.

Your Story

It is never easy to accept ideas from those who are supposedly looking to you for expert advice. So consider how you react when this occurs.

Do You:

  • attempt to cover up the objection
  • ask questions as to why the belief is there
  • ask more questions to uncover a better solution

In your spare time, recall the incidents that were less than pleasant. What was said and how did you handle the situation? Document what transpired and the outcome. Did you lose or earn business in the end? If you earned business, what saved the day?

List the better approaches for future endeavors. Make a commitment to adhere to these.

10 Sales Tips:

  1. Adhere to QLC – question, listen and clarify
  2. Be prepared to ask many questions for complete understanding
  3. Listen to answers for what is being said and not being said
  4. Ask more questions about what was left unsaid
  5. Clarify terminology and all innuendo to be certain you are on the same page
  6. Create an action plan with your client
  7. Ask, “If I were to complete this plan for you, will you move forward?”
  8. Gain agreement from the client
  9. Ask, “When would you like to get started?”
  10. Prepare paperwork ahead of time to make the date official.
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