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Sales Strategy

Become the Go-To Problem Solver to Build Clientele


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Most people buy from service providers due to the need for finding a solution to their problem.  The biggest decision is who to trust to do the best job.  This holds true for hiring the best job applicant as well.

Salespeople are generally given a bad name because they talk too much without recognizing what the other party truly needs.  Numerous factors come into play for selecting the preferred provider. 

How Decisions Are Made:

Listening to understand

Recognizing that the customer perspective comes first, ask why you were invited in for the consultation.  In this regard, there will be no denying there is a need and it reconfirms why you are there.  While it may seem repetitive if you already had this conversation, it reconfirms the idea in their mind plus new events may have arisen since you last spoke.

Intelligent questions asked

Differentiating yourself from most others begins with careful listening to be able to ask strategic questions.  These may include how the one problem is affecting other situations with performance, their clientele satisfaction, as well as office morale.

The bigger the picture you are able to get your prospective client to reveal, the larger the potential sale and greater the opportunity to become the chosen supplier.

Equal exchange of conversation

Match the level of animation in the conversation to make the other party feel comfortable with you.  Smile where appropriate to show you are on their side.  And allow a flow of conversation.

It’s actually okay if you speak less because the client-to-be does not want to feel as if you are simply there to increase your income.  They prefer to know they are being heard and taken seriously in order to get those problems resolved.   

Add value with new ideas

Your contribution to the conversation is greater after the prospective client shared everything they could think of to tell you.  With understanding of the entire picture, you are able to make assurances for what you are able to provide.

But the true differentiator is having built a trusting relationship. The new ideas that will provide a more robust solution within their budget is what most decision-makers seek.  But the remaining question becomes whether your service is affordable and if the timeline is right.

Seeking middle-ground

Budget is to be asked at the beginning of the conversation.  By the time it gets to the end of the meeting, you have a great idea of all costs involved.  It is your duty to ask for prioritization of everything suggested and for full disclosure of monies available to spend.

Earning the sale

Conducting business in this manner will increase the opportunities provided.  You will be seen as a professional problem solver doing their best to help their clientele.  Becoming that problem solver leads you to the Smooth Sale!

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