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Broadcast Talent by Giving Back: Strategy to Foster Business Success


Broadcast Talent by Giving Back: Strategy to Foster Business Success

We can each learn lessons from watching athletes in motion. Out of the countless numbers of all combined sports, only a handful of athletes qualify as Gold Medal Champions at the Olympic Games.

Some athletes are fortunate that the right genetics were passed down. In addition, determination, finding the right coach, and continued strict goal setting are behind the effort to win. The same stamina applies to anything you truly wish to achieve including in your career or business.

My Story

Good days and bad days are commonplace. Unfortunately some sleepless nights accompany the bad days. But I learned that as long as we recognize the new day, it’s the right time to reflect on what went wrong. Learning from the lesson is key and then the time is right to create an improved path. This is a typical entrepreneurial day.

When I get down, I pick up the phone to speak with a good friend who understands similar situations. The conversation might take 5 minutes of an exchange of self-pity, and then 5 minutes of reciprocal encouragement. The remainder of our conversations become an exchange of new ideas to spur on the motivation to continue. By the end of our chat, we are each excited to move forward having recognized the past has passed.

Your Story

Should you be the type who gets bogged down when things go awry, serious consider:

  • Establishing a reciprocal agreement with a close friend to talk things out.
  • Shifting your focus to helping others
  • Welcoming the new day to try something new

Success Strategies

  1. Take the Challenge
    Create a new long-term goal that will showcase you as possessing greater expertise. The thought should increase motivation to get there.
  2. Education
    Acquire the knowledge you need to ensure you are successful in achieving your new goal.
  3. Flexibility
    Not everything is easily learned. Be willing to take some hard knocks as well as fine tune what you learn along the way.
  4. Networks
    Be in the company of those who also challenges themselves to further build their capabilities. As you align with like-minded people in this regard, not only do you challenge yourself but also challenge one another in a positive fashion.
  5. Broadcast Talent by Giving Back
    Adapt your newfound talent to helping to improve the lives of others. You will soar on a number of levels while you bring those communities along with you. In so doing, incredible new opportunities will arise.

Sales Tips:

  1. Stick to your intuitive thought regardless of what others say
  2. Create a long-term vision, milestones, and goals for achieving what it is you truly want
  3. Welcome bad days as days for reflection and revamping
  4. Perceive new days as a new opportunity to move past the previous difficulty
  5. Exchange sympathy, ideas, motivating thought, and encouragement with a good friend
  6. Build networks with similar minded people
  7. Commit to helping a group or association to improve their status
  8. Share what you have learned with audiences
  9. Write about your experiences.
  10. Celebrate how far you have come!

Following these suggestions will help you to develop an admired personal brand that displays the right mindset for success. You will attract larger audiences and more opportunities.

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