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Do You Have Everything You Need to Make Content Marketing Work?

Written by: Marco Mijatovic

Content marketing will never die . All marketing methods require some form of content. It would otherwise be difficult to achieve good results without it.

The usage of blog posts, ebooks and the like is one of the most reliable ways to advertise. The reliability is the reason why a lot of businesses use some form of content marketing. But knowing what you are doing helps increase positive results. Let’s look at some of the most important elements of an effective content marketing strategy.

Create a functional blog as the centerpiece for content marketing

Naturally, a blog is the first thing you need before you can launch a full-scale strategy. It allows you to create, publish and distribute content through all of your channels. Starting a blog is the foundation upon which you can later build.

You can offer articles to customers, give them valuable information, help them solve problems and spread important news about business. Everyone who is serious about digital marketing has one because blogs are the news portals of the future.

Know your designated target audience

If you want your content marketing to be effective, you need to know who you intend to reach with the material. Deliver your articles to people most likely to be interested in the topics you cover, and who find value in reading them.

Knowing precisely who your target audience is helps you focus and create the most effective material. Pinpointing the details will give readers exactly what they seek. It’s impossible to create content that appeals to everyone. One size doesn’t fit all and the same applies to blog material.

Pick the type of content that works best for you The kind of content you put out will influence the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

What works best for content marketing will depend on:

  • Your target audience
  • The platform where you will share your material
  • The type of products, services, or business you want to promote

  • For example, if you are looking to promote a video game, it is best to create short trailer videos, gameplay clips or video reviews. And if you are promoting web hosting services, provide articles where you give step-by-step instruction and thorough descriptions.

    Editorial plan

    Your editorial plan should outline the definition of your target audience. The specifics include interests, gender, age, location, occupation, and details important to you. It should also include the content guidelines for a particular campaign in development.

  • Will you write articles, create videos or shoot photos?
  • Will you offer short blog posts, long videos, or guides?
  • What kind of tone will you be using and what on which subjects will you be talking?

  • All of these questions need to be explained, and the narrower your instructions are, the better it will be. You should also outline how much you will spend on content, whether you’ll need editors, and whether you’ll create everything in-house or outsource content creation.

    Content Creation Outsourced

    Around 62% of companies outsource content marketing services. They don’t have the time, skilled employees and other resources to do it by themselves. Furthermore, many companies cannot create the necessary volume of content they need, and this is why they outsource.

    In-house team

    If you have a team of reporters, writers, or journalists in your company, then you can create your content. If you don’t need a high volume of content each month, this is a great solution.

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    Content Marketing and Promotion

    Social media

    Social media platforms are probably the best digital channel for spreading content. As soon as it publishes, share it on social media. Perform adequate follow-up actions to engage people, send readers/viewers to your content and, ultimately, turn them into customers.

    Google AdWords

    If you have quality content that isn’t getting the exposure you need, Google AdWords might be a good short-term solution. The service is a pay-per-click marketing option where you promote your content and pay for every click that you get on it.

    Email Marketing

    By emailing people, you get the chance to show them some of the best work you’ve done. Sharing research, guides, and promotional material can help you get people interested and drive more traffic to your website.


    All of the above is necessary to have to make your content marketing strategy work . Today we made a quick run through all of the essentials. Continue to learn more about the content marketing strategies, and how you can best utilize them in your future campaigns.