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Enforcing your Salesperson’s “Bill of Rights”


A Sales Evolution student had an issue with a multi-location account where appointments were regularly not being honored; last minute cancelations and no-show appointments were the norm.  He had an uncomfortable but prepared discussion with his VP of Sales and the result was the following email sent to his entire sales team.  Good work by the rep!


Time is very important to all of us.

Hopefully you are maximizing your day to get make it as impactful, profitable and efficient as possible.

With that said, we all have stories of appointments set up with customers that either gets canceled at the last moment or they forget that you even had one.  Been there, right?  Frustrating, yes?

How about remembering those times you set up (in advance) the joint calls with our own suppliers and for some reason or another, legitimate or bogus, they cancel on you or don’t show. Been there, right?  Frustrating, yes?

Now let’s put the shoe on the other foot.  Let’s reflect on those appointments you have set up with someone, customer OR supplier and you either cancelled, or worse yet, didn’t bother to let them know you were not going to be there.  Granted, we all make mistakes; forget to put it on a calendar or in Outlook.  It happens.  I have made those mistakes, too.   But some of us have it occur habitually.  This is not the way we conduct business here at XYZ Supply.  It’s unprofessional and unacceptable.

If this last scenario rings true with you then I need you to take a look at how you plan your days, weeks, and months and identify ways of improving on fulfilling your commitments.  While you read this note I can hear some of you saying “well this guy does this” or “this vendor does that” and rightly so, but right now I am talking about you and your performance.  Treat their time as important as you expect them to treat yours. Extremely important.

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If you are having trouble managing your time with others let me know so we can take a look at it together and find a way for you to meet your commitments consistently and employ strategies to get your customers and prospects to honor their commitments, as well.  The guys over at Sales Evolution really helped me out with this, by the way, give them a call.

If you aren’t and this message doesn’t apply to you then… thank you, keep it up, and then delete this message!

Joe Jones

Vice-President of Sales”

Enforcing your Salesperson’s Bill of Rights is core to GFS.  Remember the Sound Bite “You can’t get mad at someone for not doing something you didn’t tell them they had to do”?  If you don’t assert your rights you can be sure they aren’t going to do it for you.  And why should they?  All the other salespeople that call on them take the abuse, what makes you different?

By stepping up and drawing the line in the sand their level of respect for you rises.  Act professionally, enforce your rights, and you will receive professional courtesy in return.

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