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Is Your Fear Really Bigger Than Your Dream?


Is Your Fear Really Bigger Than Your Dream?

Mind Traps!

Here is a list of the most common “drag you down, get in the way of success” mind traps:

  1. Defeatist (Accepting, expecting, or being resigned to defeat; why try if we know we can’t win- even if we can?
  2. Cynical (Contemptuously distrustful of human nature and motives)
  3. Vindictive (Seeking rev”enge; interestingly, the reflection is on you, not them)
  4. Blame/ Fault (Who cares? What are we going to do now?)
  5. Wishful (Do what you can to influence the deal/ project/ situation and keep moving)
  6. Self-pity (Get over yourself… complain less… especially to yourself)
  7. Worrisome (It won’t help, costs time, and can drag you down)
  8. Jealous (Want it? Then go out and earn it!)
  9. Pre-argumentative (The imaginary argument you have to prepare yourself for the argument that may never happen)
  10. Post-argumentative (The imaginary argument you have where you’re quicker than you were in the actual argument; there’s plenty of time to panic after the dust has settled)
  11. Procrastination (If you’re going to procrastinate, you might as well do something fun instead of thinking about how bad it is that you’re procrastinating… dummy!)
  12. “I can’t…”, I don’t…”, I won’t…” (Wow, talk about a negative, self-reinforcing, self-defeating attitude, this is it!)

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Here’s a way to set a new paradigm for success. Begin to substitute “If only I’d…” with “Next time I’ll…” The difference is that by being forward looking and solution oriented you’ll shift from a negative attitude to one that is positive and can do.

As the expression goes, “Whatever it takes, that’s what I do.” David Mellor (1963 – ) American groundskeeper Director of Grounds, Fenway Park

So, what does it take for you? Is your fear really bigger than your Dream? Wow, what’s that all about?!

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