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Feel Like You're Being Taken Advantage of in Business? 10 Tips to End Frustrations

Purpose and value are tied together.

Once you recognize exactly what your purpose is, there is no doubt as to what is to be discarded or kept in place. This is particularly important when continually asked to provide your knowledge for free.

Embracing your purpose provides you with a higher vision and platform. It almost feels as if you have a noble cause to pursue.

Before your next job interview or client meeting, know your purpose in-depth. It will put you on solid ground with targeting possibility on a much higher level.

My Story

Through the years, I have been asked to provide services for free. The claim was that it will be great exposure for my brand and marketing purposes.

My question gradually became, at what point do I have my value established and credibility built? If I were to continue giving services away for free, the word, business, would not be appropriate. It was time for a change.

Becoming more seasoned, I seek out people and organizations that build communities. They see where I may bring benefit as well as recognize the value in the service. This is the winning combination for being in business, to see and bring value in multiple directions.

Your Story

Are you feeling taken advantage of more often than respected for the knowledge you provide clientele?

If you are frustrated, then consider doing the following:

  • Learn how to express succinctly and in a friendly tone, the value your clients see in working with you.
  • Prepare a couple of very short stories about how you helped clients overcome obstacles to their delight.
  • Create a vision to relay where you are headed now and into the future.
  • Your personal stories serve to attract attention, and create far greater interest. The stories most enjoyed are the ones about how you helped individuals overcome hardships to find success.

    Practice speaking in front of a mirror. With a smile on your face say, “I’m sorry that would be impractical for me to provide. However, here is what I am able to do for you.” Keep practicing similar words in your vocabulary and then give it a try in the next meeting. Let me know how you succeed!


  • Keep your purpose with you at all times.
  • Prioritize projects in terms of appeal.
  • Focus on the values and priorities most important to you.
  • Recognize the revenue streams you will enjoy.
  • Determine where you will find the right clients.
  • Be persistent in uncovering new clients and opportunities each day.
  • Practice saying “No, I’m unable to do that, but here is what I can do.”
  • Take a public speaking class.
  • Be prepared on occasion to walk away from an offer that is lacking.
  • Seek out partners willing to share revenue equitably.