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How to Reignite Cold Leads


How to Reignite Cold Leads

 Written by: Kevin Hurley

Leads. Every sales pro works hard to generate leads, nurture them, and most importantly, convert them. So when they go cold, and some will, it can be very hard to revive them. You’ve probably even read all those articles with tips on how to revive your cold leads, but they tend to talk only about the vehicle you can use to do that; all the usual tactics like sending a warm email or a quick phone message. But what about the content of your reach-out? That is, could it really just be what you’re talking about that could make all the difference?

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Since there really are only a set number of ways you can reach out to a cold lead, let’s focus on what you could be talking to them about when you do speak with them. These five insights will help you create more focused interactions with your leads, helping you create lasting relationships.

5 Effective Insights to Reignite Cold Leads

1. Make it personal

Sure, you could always send them an email linking to some news about their company, but when was the last time you sent them a link to an article about them personally? Perhaps they’ve got some outside interests that garner online attention or maybe they won an award at a trade show? No matter what it is, search for unique pieces of content about the person and comment on it. Mention it in a communication (email, phone message, etc.).

2. Make company news relevant

Now’s the time to talk to them about their latest company press release or major announcement, however make it relevant to them. Will the news affect their department or their daily work life? Maybe your products will even help them navigate all the extra business they’re going to get and offer some tips on how they can use it to do that.

3. Make a surprise appearance in their social feeds

This one will take a little more work to use, however it can give you some great insights into your cold leads. Check out their company social media accounts, as well as their personal ones and see what they’re sharing. Track what content they engage most with and then share something new with them. They may not be used to seeing you there and will react in real-time to the messages.

4. Make an indirect connection

Relationship platforms like LinkedIn or can help you determine if you’ve got any people in common. Then name-drop those mutual relationships in a message to them to get their attention and revive the lines of communication. Deeper still, the information may give you further insights into their lives that you can use in other ways.

5. Make industry news a part of your day

You’re probably already doing this, but it bears repeating: check in with their industry regularly so you know what news is trending. You’ll always have something to talk about when you do talk to them (regardless of how you talk to them), which builds trust with them. They’ll realize you don’t only want to talk to them to sell them something; you’re genuinely interested in their industry and want to talk about it.

How Are You Reheating Your Cold Leads?

These five ways are some of the ways I like to reheat cold leads because they do a really good job at deepening the relationship. They provide me with more meaningful insights into my leads, their company, and their needs, so reheating the lead is more than the typical “touching base” outreach.

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