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Sales Strategy

How to Turn A “No” Into A “Yes” When Trying to Attract the Right Clientele


Most people cringe at the idea of being told, “no”.

Therefore they are reluctant to make special requests fearing that “no” will most likely be the answer. 

A number of factors enter into how to handle the negative and turn it into a positive. With a more promising outlook, you will be hearing “yes” more often.

My Story

This week, I issued more requests than normal. And to my great surprise, I heard “yes” to every single one. The differentiator is that my contacts and I built enough familiarity with one another that their desire to be of help became my reward.

In past years, my way of practicing negotiation was to on occasion ask favors of employers, co-workers and clientele. The requests weren’t earth shaking but I was able to ensure that my style came across well enough to be granted a “yes” most of the time.

The one strategy for any request or negotiation, that makes an enormous difference, is to not have your heart set on it. You are able to live with either answer from the other party, or when negotiating, you will be the one willing to walk away.

Your Story

Are you the type of person who is timid about asking for a favor? Business depends upon the ask, and it helps to be well prepared. The fact is that those who excel in sales earn only about 25% of the business they initially approach.

In business, you need to become accustomed to either answer of “yes” or “no”. To ease the pain of so much negativity, one has to have a pipeline filled with sales possibilities at all times. The mind is fixated on the better opportunities that are to be found.

  • Are you willing to accept either answer?
  • Do you recognize that quickly moving away from the no will lead you more quickly to a yes?
  • Is your communication style friendly enough to encourage a positive response?
  • Do you grant requests when they come your way?
  • Do you believe you are balanced in your give and take?

As you become accustomed to delivering favors, it becomes easier and natural to also ask.

Just the simple gesture of offering to share someone’s news online will be encouragement for that person to grant your request.

The ultimate sales strategy is for others to find you as a person with whom it is easy to work. This holds true for job seekers, career advancement, and entrepreneurs.

Sales Tips

  1. When you speak have others hear the smile in your voice
  2. Show genuine interest in what others have to say.
  3. Naturally offer help without asking anything in return.
  4. Volunteer sound introductions.
  5. When in need of a favor, ask it with appreciation for consideration of your request.
  6. Practice asking small favors in order to become comfortable with the larger.
  7. Eliminate attachment to requests.
  8. Use requests as a training ground for negotiation.
  9. Become comfortable speaking about money, budgets, and related topics.
  10. When requests are approved, show sincere appreciation.
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