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How You Deal With Disruption Determines Progress


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We unfortunately encounter many disruptions during the span of a week. Errands, surprise phone calls, or requests for last minute tasks will take time away from our productive hours.

The worst is when systems fail. The one thing we can count on in this case is stress. However, allowing stress into the already interrupted day will just compound the problem. Remaining calm enough to take the right course of action will remedy the situation far more quickly.  The same applies to seeking work, entrepreneurship and difficulties faced in the corporate scene.

My Story

Difficulty with iMovie delayed the product I wished to developed. While I had other projects that needed to be completed, I knew that this needed to be resolved. So I called for tech help. The realization hit that my software was out of sync with the application and needed to be updated. Although numerous projects were ahead of me, I vowed to spend the time fixing the problem.

My mantra has become to fix issues quickly in order to move to what is next on the agenda. I now have the latest software and the application is working well once again!

Moving Forward

  1. Leave stress behind to focus on what is required
  2. Fix what’s wrong ASAP
  3. Enlist help as needed
  4. Don’t argue with suggestions but heed them
  5. If a high price tag is included weigh all options first
  6. Enjoy a sigh of relief when fixed to move forward on an even keel
  7. Make up for lost time in the evening or over the weekend
  8. Always keep a prioritized list of tasks to prevent further lost time
  9. Keep moving forward
  10. Celebrate success

Your Story

Is something holding you back? If so, what needs to be done to resolve it? Create a prioritized list for what is needed to move forward. Your ultimate vision should provide the motivation for doing what is required in a timely fashion.

Get a consensus from those you admire as to the better steps to be taken. Read related articles and do research to be informed. For tough situations consider hiring the help you need. Weigh the pros and cons for the expense to find the best decision and solution.


In the end, we each want our problems to disappear. But as we all know, new ones are around the corner. So it is in our best interest to develop a process for efficiently dealing with these disruptions.  Moving forward with a positive mindset to continually progress will provide you with favorable personal brand recognition. The same will lead to improved relationships and an increased clientele.

Maintaining focus on your desired outcome at all times will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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