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Sales Strategy

Is Your Story Making An Impact?


The personal connection you make with either your prospective clients, or a hiring manager, is the key to easily bringing about the sale. The sales saying is, “People buy from people they know, like, and trust”. Liking you is dependent upon the story you tell. Most of all, your story needs to be believable. The second qualifier is it should be memorable and provide impact.

Your personal story is your best tool for building relationships and future business.

My Story

Every time I’m waiting for a Metro in the D.C. area, I remember to step away from the tracks. And then I laugh. Why? I relive a scene from a “House of Cards” television episode in which Kevin Spacey pushed a young woman onto the tracks. The story made a huge impact. I recall the scene every single time I’m at the station.

Your Story

The impact created by the story you share should include a compelling reason why a prospective client or employer would want to work with you. Typically, your story will provide insight on how others previously benefitted from working with you. Equally important is to differentiate you from others in your field. This is known as developing your personal brand.

As you come to recognize how clients view you, and where you differ from other suppliers, verbalize the benefits that will be found due to your style of delivery. You are then prepared to communicate all of this on the social media platforms to attract an even wider audience.

Develop Your Story

  • Where do you see your success?
  • What contributed to your success?
  • What are the typical reasons clients hire you?
  • What are some of the results your clients have experienced by working with you?
  • Do you support special communities?
  • What is your long-term vision for business?

Sales Tips

  1. Let the client first tell you why you were invited in
  2. Share your story in two minutes or less
  3. Ask your prospective client if you sound like the type with whom they wish to work
  4. Ask how the client-to-be sees you working together
  5. Delve into problems currently experienced
  6. Ask how the current problems may affect future business
  7. As ideas come to you, inquire if they would be of interest
  8. By the end of the meeting work with your client-to-be to co-create a list of all the possible solutions that could work.
  9. Ask what else needs to be seen from you prior to making a decision.
  10. Prior to leaving the meeting, establish a return date for presenting a proposal .

Creating a memorable story built upon your personal brand will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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