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How to Make Your Fondest Vision Come True


If you have ever felt disjointed at times between career and personal life, you aren’t alone. Upon experiencing many years, the dots finally connect for us, or so it has for me.

The coming year appears to be transforming into the accumulative total of all my previous parts. Not meaning to bore you with my life history, you will find an announcement below with an important message.

Keeping my eyes on Walt Disney and his Magic Kingdom.

I tucked away his advice for when poor experiences got me down. You may also find relief by embracing the following three Disney quotes found on Brainy Quotes.

1. “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

As a lone wolf in my teenage years, instead of listening to the hurtful commentary, I began reading the classics. The Source influenced the direction of my life both figuratively and literally. The content describes the work of anthropologists-archaeologists unearthing history.

I found the content to be profoundly moving. By the time I entered college, I chose to study anthropology and archaeology. The education enhanced my desire to visit archaeological sites and travel the world.

2. “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Before the internet or the term ‘travel blogger’ was part of our reality, I dreamt of writing about my experiences and being paid for travel the world over. The adventure has always been my passion. Matching and qualifying priorities for sales apply to our personal life, too. My husband shares the same view of travel; together we taught our children.

3. “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”

Learning to be professionally personal in my sales career, I frequently found the opportunity to share travel stories with prospects. The experiences were fun for all to hear and the re-telling strengthened our bond. In the midst of the memories, sales came forth.

There were times I couldn’t believe that I was being paid to sell. The only idea that could possibly be better would be receiving compensation to travel. The idea remained with me throughout the years. And to keep my mind fresh, I chose to write a blog about the standout memories of my career and everyday experiences. It turns out that these activities were my baby steps are practice for becoming what I originally envisioned.

Dreams DO Come True!

Decades later, an incredible offer came my way. I could pursue my dream in the role of ‘travel blogger.’ Just as with any job interview, no matter how exciting, I qualified the match between us with questions:

How often will I be required to travel?  ‘Monthly for as long a trip as you like.’

Where will you want me to visit?  ‘Create your desired list for within the United States and abroad.’

Known to push the envelope, I asked one question hanging in uncertainty: ‘I’m happily married, can my husband accompany me?’ ‘Of course, and we will also pay for him!’

The only problem at hand is the sleepless nights. Day and night, I think about all the beautiful places we might visit and the incredible opportunity that remains ahead!

Consider what you may do to make your fondest vision come true:

  • Do you have a buried longing?
  • Can you incorporate some aspect of your dream into your career?
  • Are you willing to discuss the idea with colleagues, clients, and friends?
  • How will life change if you can make your fleeting thought reality?
  • Will you do what it takes to make your dream come true?

Imagine for a moment that you are in control of your career and loving every minute.

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Answer these questions:

  • Will your enthusiasm increase?
  • Can you see yourself dedicated to learning as much as possible?
  • How will doing what you enjoy improve your outlook, personal life, and bottom-line?

Recognizing the effects of following your passion and applying your talent to all that you do, create a plan beginning with your starting point. For help on the initial steps to accomplish your ultimate goal, I highly recommend the following book by Sharon Hooper: From Dreams to Action: A Proven Method to Achieve Your Goals.  Hooper shares her unique vision mapping strategies to help you succeed.

The elements necessary to make the change you desire include motivation, determination, inspiration, and a positive mindset. With the willingness to learn from error and even failure, you will be witness to your dream coming alive! Best of all the side benefit is satisfaction within knowing you achieved your long held desire!

Sales Tips to Pursue Your Dream

  1. Communicate with precision what it is you wish to become
  2. List accomplishments to date that are helping pave the way
  3. Make a note of your inherent talent that will add to your success
  4. Begin including in conversation your long-held dream
  5. Capture ideas others may have to empower your vision
  6. Be aware of enthusiasm building as you think about your unfolding idea
  7. As thought blossoms, incorporate what you can in today’s endeavors
  8. Create your unique vision mapping strategy
  9. Dedicate yourself to continual learning and your unique brand
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s blog is provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

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