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Merge New Ideas with Focused Goals to Improve Results


Merge New Ideas with Focused Goals to Improve Results

We have each been troubled on occasion by wanting to do something new and unique only to have others declare it isn’t a good idea. Balance has to be found between what makes sense to you, the goals already in place, and the sound input provided by peers.

If you keep thinking about a new idea it’s worth taking a calculated risk to see if it works.

My Story

Not everyone will agree with my philosophy. In the past, I’ve been told that I will harm my business if I proceed with what’s on my mind. But looking back, the most difficult decisions made and based upon what I truly wanted to try, turned out to be the best ever made.

I’ve come to believe that those of us who are brave enough to take risk will unknowingly put fear into the hearts of others. This is one of the reasons for being told not to move forward. But time and again we hear the only way to find true success is to listen to our own hearts and minds.  My thought is that we each have one life to live so we need to give it our best shot. Even if the effort doesn’t materialize as we expected, as long as a lesson is learned we will advance further than if we had chosen to do nothing.

Your Story

No doubt, you too, are approached with ideas for joint collaborative efforts or have had fleeting ideas of your own. The one that has you smiling most is the one to be seriously considered.

  • What is your favorite recurring idea for the future?
  • If you were to “go with it” – what would be the ideal outcome?
  • How would life improve?

Now that you thought about the glamorous pieces, think about the effort that needs to be poured into it. Will the input justify the output? Begin listing the benefits to be seen from having done everything possible to make the outcome your reality.

To make a stronger case in favor of proceeding, begin visualizing complementary venues or steps beyond the original vision. This is where you know if in fact you should proceed. Should you be experiencing increased excitement, then go for it. The excitement turns into enthusiasm. The heightened enthusiasm converts into your personal story. Finally, it is your unique story that intrigues prospective clients and hiring managers to “buy into” what you have to offer.

Sales Tips

  1. Don’t let others dissuade you.
  2. Pursue what speaks to your heart and mind.
  3. Be willing to learn from lessons just in case your idea doesn’t produce as expected.
  4. Be flexible for adjusting plans as needed.
  5. Keep record of what does and does not work.
  6. As you hire employees let them know the highlights of your documentation.
  7. As your idea takes off, create complementary venues for a more robust offering.
  8. Ask clientele for feedback in areas of improvement.
  9. Create a loyalty program for returning clientele.
  10. Continually thank everyone who lends a helping hand.

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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