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Put Your Fears Aside to Unleash the Possibilities of a New Year


Put Your Fears Aside to Unleash the Possibilities of a New Year

Some see others in the same field as themselves to be competitors. Others see the so called competitors as potential collaborators. Your perspective on the matter will make an enormous difference for both your outcome and income.

The announcement of social media paved the way for me to move past the fear of collaboration to fully understand everything about it. Sharing my best was a foreign concept at the time. But it quickly made sense and the benefit was seen as an unlimited opportunity.

There are still some who don’t understand it, so they stick with the totem pole mentality. In their mind, they presumably remain at the top while others are subservient to them. While the totem pole mentality may work for those who still subscribe to this old world thinking, they are missing the boat in a huge way. Collaboration provides access to new thought and connections that are otherwise missed Moreover, the opportunity to find new routes of combined income go undetected.

The scarcity mentality provides limited opportunity, while openness provides unlimited potential. The new trend for sales is called sales enablement, and I see the key for this is open communication. Sales enablement applies to open communication between departments in corporate, hiring processes, and for connecting with entrepreneurs.

The best results arise when both hearts and minds are both drawn into the conversation. It is the collaborative effort at the starting point to seek ways in which to help one another that wins the day.

Take time to consider the philosophy and environment with which you are currently working.

  • Are you able to openly communicate with other employees from different departments?
  • Is the atmosphere of open communication something you desire in your next job?
  • Do you connect with others to find ways in which to help one another grow business?

Your answers will direct you to either working with the older school type people or, the younger generations. Your generation is of no consequence; it’s your attitude toward what works best that makes all the difference.

Should you be curious what the collaborative effort may bring, you will find several chapters in my book, The Wish: A 360-Degree Business Development Process that Fuels Sales. Imagine the power of a group of people in the same field but who bring different talent to the collective brainpower. Each one dedicates themselves to sharing and reposting content published by each member. Between your followings and theirs, recognition rapidly grows. It is the point of incredible opportunities unfolding that will thrust you into the limelight.

Ask yourself, is the risk of sharing my best insights worthwhile?

Only you can make that determination. There are no absolute guarantees. But once you are fully committed to the process and done well, the New Year will be far more likely to bring an abundance of possibility. 


  1. Take occasional calculated risk.
  2. Be open to new ideas.
  3. Speak to younger generations about their perspectives on growing business.
  4. Network with multiple generations to incorporate the best of what you find.
  5. Share what you learn with your audience.
  6. Experiment with new ideas to see which work best for you.
  7. Refine your experiments for improved delivery.
  8. Measure results for each effort.
  9. Take the best of what you learn and incorporate it into a daily routine.
  10. Celebrate success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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