Sales: Increase Odds for Success

In order to increase your odds for finding the better job or client, several sales strategies should be employed.

Sales Funnel

It’s a known fact that in order to find success many prospective job applications need to be submitted and many prospective clients need to be pursued in order to land the desired. This takes dedication and commitment to the numbers game. Your end result makes it worthwhile.


Some job applications ask for information that indicates your age such as the year you graduated from school. You have to decide whether it’s worthwhile answering. Others make the application redundant asking you to fill out your employment history when in fact they also ask for an attached resume. This may be a signal the company is highly bureaucratic.

Prospective clients sometimes make unreasonable demands or will treat you rudely. Life is too short, I recommend walking away or you look desperate and the situation will decline further.


Begin your client conversation on a personal note in a relaxed fashion as if you were speaking to a friend. Find areas of commonality and speak to these. Then learn why you were invited in for the appointment. Your conversation will be far more fruitful.

Golden Rule of Sales

Do you have a hobby you enjoy? If so, no one needs to motivate you to spend time on it, you look forward to it. The same is true with finding a good job or the better client. An element of likeability between all parties should be present in order to put your best foot forward and make a favorable impression. When this occurs, you are almost assured the job or the sale.

Assume the Sale

Although assumptions during conversation should never be made, when you strive to build relationships and properly earn the sale, you will increase your odds for success. The only remaining question for you to ask for the job is, “When would you like me to start?” For clients ask, “When would you like to get started?”

Following these guidelines should lead to the Smooth Sale !