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Sales Observations Watching Politicians In Action


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On an entirely different level than politics itself, I find it fascinating to watch the politicians in action. They are highly energetic attempting to sell their expertise as it applies to office. Hope is high that the voters will “buy” what they put out. This is true for all of the political parties.

Trust and Credibility Begin the Sale

Putting “I’m the best” aside, credibility and trust begin with evidence of prior experience. Consistency is next for words, actions, and deeds, in order for the audience to determine where the person might be headed.

When errors are made, the best step is to admit them and move on. Just yesterday, I became slightly irritated about a time discrepancy until I recognized I’m the one who erred. With immediacy, I took responsibility.

Trust and credibility applies to everything we do in our professional and personal lives to include the job seeking process and career advancement.

The Poor Spin

Backtracking is never a good idea. Very few candidates seem to take responsibility. Instead, they try to put a different picture frame on what was previously said or done, in the hope all will be forgotten. Instead, the news hammers and magnifies those points turning the spin tactic into a poor tactic.

The Improved SPIN

A different type of SPIN Selling System was developed by Neil Rackham. In fact, it greatly increased my sales accomplishments. In this case, SPIN is an acronym for determining where you are best able to help your clientele. The letters stand for Situation – Problem – Implied problems and Need(s).  I highly recommend the book.

It would also be smart for the candidates to read it themselves to consider what they are saying, doing, and conveying to their audiences. In particular, there is need to consider where improvement might be made.

Selling One’s Candidacy

  • Admit past errors but include lessons learned and how they may be applied to the position
  • Speak to the big vision hoping to be accomplished
  • Speak to the current major issues and how experience may serve to resolve these
  • Speak to needs of the audience and how some area of their life may be improved
  • With credibility and trust in hand, forge a relationship with the voters
  • Connect with voters somewhat personally to build a stronger relationship

Client Perspective

Candidates are proposing to be a representative of the voters. Therefore candidates need to seriously consider the perspective of voters; particularly the undecided. Study history and how we have arrived at where we are today. Speak to the pain points and how they might be alleviated. Address what has transpired, offer new ideas for consideration, and negotiate a good conclusion with a powerful speech.

Politics is one grand sale. How candidates embrace the process is what will lead to victory and potentially the Smooth Sale!

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