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Seven Practices to Sell More and Faster


Seven Practices to Sell More and Faster

There are some key trends in selling today most sales reps are experiencing. First, selling is far more business relationship based than ever before. Second, sales cycles are longer and often committee driven and thus longer because the committee approach makes it tougher to maintain multiple people’s attention and mindshare.

Here are 7 things to always be aware of and do to sell more, faster:

  1. Begin getting and enforcing commitments earlycollect a decision on every call
  2. Know your maximum and minimum for every sales call; know in advance how far you are willing to go; establish or reestablish how you’re going to move the sale forward (Reverse Time Line) or end it
  3. Start off with a draft proposal or agreement before submitting the final draft in exchange for a commitment to review it with your prospect
  4. Know how decisions are made at your prospect, both who is involved and how they go about making a decision with this kind of purchase
  5. Be objective. Do you know what you need to know? Are you dealing with facts or your emotions?
  6. Persistence is on the call, not after. If it’s over don’t burn the bridge, end things with both sides able to return to the table one day.
  7. Do a loss analysis if you lose and start your drip marketing campaign immediately.

 Prospecting is one of the ultimate keys to success. Be sure to do it every day!

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