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Shades of Grey Lead to Improved Negotiated Outcome



In business, on a job or on a personal note, everyone wants to be liked.  But the question remains if this is can be reality, or do we truly want to be liked by everyone.  Wouldn’t that mean giving up on most of what you believe to be true or what you desire? 

Being liked by everyone

This would almost require giving up on your own dreams and preferred path.  On the other hand, you most likely don’t want to be the one to demand others always cave into your desires either.  This is where balance provides a better-matched job, client and friend. 

Let it Snow

A simple example is that of how one perceives snow.  Some look at it as a horrible inconvenience that requires extra work and a winter wardrobe.  Others view it as convenient to have it outside their door versus the need to drive half a day on a narrow mountain road to get to a skiing destination.  Both perspectives are deserving of appreciation.

Difficult meetings

The next time you are in a difficult meeting with a potential client or hiring manager, and their perspective is quite different from yours, stop for a moment to reconsider.  Is there merit to what they are saying?  Should the answer be ‘yes’, then it is well worth while to consider all of the shades of grey that took place in the conversation. 

Positively speaking

Acknowledge the positives of what was shared with you with signs of agreement.  But to show leadership ability, point out where you need clarification on their end because you view the specific topic differently. In an inquiring manner, versus argumentative, let your perspective to be known and then ask for the explanation.

Error of omission

Frequently, details are omitted in conversation.  We are so accustomed to our own thoughts, we erroneously assume the other person thinks the same way.  One of the major errors less seasoned sales professionals make is that of assumptions.

Assumptions kill the deal

For some reason people believe they look weak if they ask questions.   This is another erroneous assumption. 

Questions save the day

The fact is, those who ask questions look smarter because they are confident enough to ask.  And it is the asking that reveals the details or shades of grey.  Once you have all the variables put together, then it is far easier to understand the entire picture to target further conversation with precision. 

It is your precise communication that leads to the Smooth Sale!

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