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Simplifying The Sales Cycle With CRM Software

Written by: Andrew Lisa

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can streamline customer-related data, information and processes. This can free up time and resources for the business to focus on improving their products and services. With CRM, businesses can make the sales cycle more predictable and the generation of leads more consistent. CRM can also help nurture those leads and improve the overall customer experience, leading to repeat business.

Using CRM to Get the Most Out of Your Website

The article " Marketing Your Practice: Medical CRM Software Simplifies the Process " examines how medical professionals use CRM software in the pursuit of leads. Instead of a website acting simply as a home for physician lists and contact information, hospitals and health systems can use CRM to generate and nurture leads. CRM gathers and analyzes customer contact information, and can even suggest changes to a website depending on demographics. If a hospital is targeting people in a specific geographic region, for example, CRM software may spur a change in SEO wording.

Email Lists and Databases

CRM software can be instrumental in creating and managing customer email lists and databases. With CRM, some email processes can be automated, whether it's an auto mechanic sending automatic reminders to repeat customers to get their oil changed, or a hardware store sending thank you messages at the holidays. When CRM builds and maintains databases and automates email functions, the actual human beings at the business have far more time and resources to serve their customers.

Scheduling and Calendar Interaction

Email and customer databases are not the only area where CRM can provide automation to create extra time and resources for businesses to use in the pursuit of more important things. CRM software can link with calendar applications and Google tools such as Docs. This takes the grunt work out of scheduling, not only freeing up time, but minimizing – or altogether eliminating – scheduling mistakes. This also enables different branches, different departments and different offices to access and share schedules.

From the automation of scheduling and emailing to the improvement of website functionality, CRM software can help your business free up time and resources, all while improving customer service. CRM can manage targeted campaigns and contact segmentation to boost not just the quantity, but the quality of leads. With CRM, businesses can use shared email lists, shared schedules and shared databases to make communication a strong suit for businesses in any industry.

NOTE: Many of the CRM functions are applicable to remaining in touch with recruiters and companies of interest making the job hunt far more efficient, too.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance business writer. He covers business technology and software.