Stop Worrying!

Over the years, I have coached many individuals to stop worrying. Worrying does not discriminate. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out on your career path or if you are at the end of your career entering retirement. It doesn't matter if you are male or female, financially secure or just making ends meet. WORRYING is a human issue!

The unfortunate part of this natural condition is, when we worry, it means we are not performing at our highest level. When you worry, you are not focused in the present moment of NOW which is your most productive moment possible. If you are operating from the present, you are not worried about the future or stressed about the past. You are clear, objective and focused in the NOW. Worrying pulls us away from productivity and creativity.

As we handle the day-to-day realities of our lives, we can approach life in two ways. The first option is with an attitude of ABUNDANCE. The second option is with an attitude of LACK. Knowing or being conscious of these attitudes truly adds endless value to the quality of your life. Here is a question for you: "When will it be the correct time in your life to stop worrying?" Worrying comes from a common pool of beliefs, deep inside you. Here's what is floating around in that pool ~ insecurity, low self-esteem, negative programming, lack of belief, lack of confidence and a feeling of "Nothing will ever be consistently great!" It's natural to be a worrier. If you are not careful, the worrier can easily turn into a victim.

Think of it this way. Worrying is a form of visualization. So you have to be careful what you worry about. I choose to let worry light a fire in me to succeed! As soon as I start to worry, I know that I need to pull myself out but finding solutions to what I’m worrying about or simply let it go so I can return to the NOW.

Worry is a Habit
When we were born, worry was not a part of our cellular make up. We learned to worry and in time it became a habit. Once it becomes a habit, it feels very familiar and natural. Sometimes we don't even notice how much we are worrying and how much it's guiding what we manifest.

When you worry, it's takes a negative toll on you mentally, physically and spiritually. I have heard people share with me that worrying makes their body shut down. They can't move/function. They procrastinate in making very important time sensitive decisions. Worry dissolves their emotional connection to themselves and their families.

The bottom line regarding worrying is that it is hard on your body and it can accelerate the aging process. Is that what you want?...To get older faster? I don't think so! The good news is, I have a simple system to allow you to break the worry habit. It will allow you to live a worry-free life.

Worry-Free System
The following steps will help you eliminate unneeded worry in your life. Remember, every time you start worrying, you begin a downward, spiral into a vortex of negative thoughts, feelings and actions that can last weeks. This puts you in a very unproductive state. Follow the 6 steps below to eliminate WORRY...

  • Listen to your IVOR (Internal Voice of Reasoning) and immediately recognize if you are worrying or not. Am I worrying or am I in the NOW?
  • Define your worries. What am I worrying about?
  • Ask yourself, What action can I immediately take to stop worrying?
  • Immediately take action and move on!
  • If you can't take action at this moment to fix the issue, create a plan including a time line to overcome these worries. What will I do? How many action steps will it take? When will it be resolved?
  • Change your worry to positive thoughts regarding the actions you are taking to create the life you want and/or achieve the goals you desire. By taking action, I don’t need to spend time worrying.
  • Worry-Free Visualization
    Imagine yourself dropping an egg on your kitchen floor. It cracks open and you clean it up and throw it away. That's it! The worried thought is gone. Catch yourself as you hold on to the fact that you want to prolong the feeling of worrying because worrying has become a natural part of life. Don't do it! Drop the egg, clean it up and let it go.

    Start using this system to maintain your highest level of productivity and to create a happier life filled with content. It's amazing how many hours in a year you can waste worrying over things that you CAN manage through, resolve, let go or simply accept. Sometimes it's not even necessary to worry because you can overcome it. It may just take a little time.

    The key to implementing this worry-free system is self-love. Love yourself enough to not allow worry to add stress in your life which can lead to sickness. Give yourself the gift of proactively controlling your worries. Love and respect yourself to the point of gaining control of how you react to your worries. Make the most of each moment of your life by eliminating the worry.