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Strong-Minded People Succeed in Sales and Entrepreneurship – Here’s Why


Strong-Minded People Succeed in Sales and Entrepreneurship - Here's Why

Frequently the people who do not follow assumed rules or do not behave as everyone else are referred to as stubborn and difficult. In fact, they may be extremely difficult to work with and have a tendency to be asked to go find a new job.

The question becomes, is this type of behavior bad for business? The answer is actually “no”, it’s good for business!

As long as everything is done with integrity, you build a very strong personal brand that people come to know and trust. For sales and entrepreneurship this is a stellar personality trait to be groomed.

My Story

A friend and I exchanged the following insights:

  • Those people who allow ego to take control of conversation are the ones who suffer from a lack of self-confidence.
  • Likewise, the reason some people focus solely on the small detail and not the larger vision is due to fear. They are afraid of stumbling in their quest to achieve something big, so they play small.

Being of strong mind with determination to succeed will land you improved career opportunities. The same will get you in the door of the companies to which you wish to sell as well as connect online with people at a higher level.

In alignment with all of this, is the willingness to step out of your comfort zone to take calculated risk. I see technology and embrace it as it seemingly speaks to me without researching all of the facts. Not everyone would admit to this, but for me the quick response works well.

The Wiind Story

The co-founder of Wiind sent me his video email. It was personal, unusual, and highly effective.

There was a button to give it a try. Without blinking an eye, I was all over it. I loved it. And then I sent a sample to a number of friends. Guess what happened?

Almost everyone told me the idea of video email is ridiculous. I viewed this as Excellent news!  Why?

It sounded very familiar to being told years ago, that Silicon Valley would never take off, and more recently that Social Media would also fail!

Imagine the Possibility

Imagine the prospect of putting a new technology in the same category of social media and Silicon Valley. Now I saw Unlimited Possibility! I definitely think differently from most.

For people in business wishing to either connect online or develop relationships and further sales, this video email offers tremendous potential. I would not use it as an initial point of contact. But once a connection is made, it’s a perfect way to keep in touch as well as to further build the relationship and move toward your goals.

The Researched Facts

Similar to pictures included in articles and blogs, and video becoming far more popular, the following statistics speak volumes:

  • 70% of email will be video by 2020.
  • Tomorrows professionals won’t use email the way we do today.

Personalized Video Email Receives:

  • 81% more responses
  • 68% higher lead conversion
  • 90% more effective at staying in touch
  • 86% of surveyed individuals said they can build better trust through video email

Video eMail – Try it Out at: (case sensitive)

Let me know your questions about video email and the Wiind technology.  I see great potential for building strong relationships and developing a loyal clientele.

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