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Success Strategies Revealed: How to Embrace Mindset and Mentoring


Success Strategies Revealed: How to Embrace Mindset and Mentoring

A unique opportunity came my way. I was asked to participate on a panel to select a winner for the top saleswoman in the world. I looked forward to hearing the stories of each of these finalists.

Surprisingly, they each held very similar ideas that led to their success. Even more so, was the inspiration felt as the day of collaborative judging unfolded. 

My Story

My time in the corporate sales environment proved to be up to me to produce results. There was virtually no team work or leadership in the office. In fact, the opposite usually prevailed in the form of secrecy. The reason for this was the desire to win the year-end recognition to include a trip and sizable bonus. Collaboration was an unknown concept as was cheering one another on.

People and departments worked separately. Communication was closed rather than open, and disparaging remarks were plentiful. So we each prevailed in our own style.

Unfortunately for many, the need for a coach wasn’t fulfilled and so we witnessed the revolving door syndrome. This refers to new salespeople hired monthly and leaving soon after. The cost to the companies was enormous. I used to wonder if there wasn’t a better way…

Success Strategies Revealed:

Mentor Team Members

By building up each member of the team, loyalty increases to one another, the clients, and to the company. Client loyalty is built alongside employee loyalty too.

Team Meetings

Everyone is expected to contribute ideas and consensus develops more quickly. This serves to increase motivation to always perform at one’s best capacity.


Working with creative ideas, instead of the norm, will produce better than expected results. Another aspect is to view new ideas as Opportunity vs. Risk. In this regard, new revenue streams develop.


Different lines of thinking coming from a global team provides far greater insight into client need. Service delivery becomes highly targeted and well-received.


Invariably obstacles will arise in any organization. But by keeping a positive mindset and providing continual encouragement, team members surpass the hurdles more quickly.


Each candidate stated their desire is to start building their legacy by giving back to communities in need. Their first step was to practice by building their teams well. By building the team loyalty and earning tremendous feedback, they were positioned to do the same for those in need.

Your Story

Whether an employee or an entrepreneur, it is a very good idea to move forward as if you are a team player. You are seen as such when you offer help, post your best insights online, or agree to collaborate.

The qualifier for all of this is:

  • Surround yourself with those people you admire
  • Work with those you believe to be on the same page
  • Agree upon common goals and outcomes

Sales Tips:

  1. Work for the greater good
  2. Be the coach to become the leader
  3. Encourage those around you
  4. Inspire people to do their best
  5. Celebrate victories with your team
  6. Treat clientele as team members
  7. Celebrate with clients the solution of their previous dilemma
  8. Create a new program based upon your work to date
  9. Train people on your success steps
  10. Ensure satisfaction with your team and your clientele
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