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Technology Brings Global Thinking to Our Desktop


Travel changed my perspective from thinking locally to thinking globally. And the moment I saw the announcement of social media, I was all in. The technology brings global thinking to our desktop.

Courage is the first step to leadership

Two email this week brought to mind all the beautiful experiences travel and social media provide. Travel primed me for business first. As I traveled through several continents, I became at ease communicating with people of varying cultures and perspectives.

Entering the business world, I most enjoyed meeting people from other countries. We would first share our travel experiences, and I would learn of their heritage before getting into the sales portion of the conversation.

Without knowing it, I was building my personal brand. All the while, as stories exchanged, we began to share thought on improving business. Negotiation became nothing more than an exchange of ideas. Invitations to return for more conversation were an everyday experience.  The benefit was business loyalty became the norm.

Social media became a way for me to continue the conversations with people from around the world. Long ago, it was my dream to be a travel blogger before the idea was ever born. I particularly enjoy the postings from those who grew into travel blogging. It’s a thrill for me to read of their experiences and see the beautiful photography posted by others.

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The two email align well with me. The first email is from FitSmallBusiness informing me I made their 2018 Top Sales Influencers List  (Scroll down to see the list of influencers and their insights.) The prevailing sentiment is that when you focus on what you are passionate about, good things develop. The recognition is a testimony to that.

The second email brings to mind all the excellent adventures already experienced plus more in the foreseeable future. But there is a more significant theme involved.

Forbes published the article: “Can Travel Aid World Peace? A New Postcard Writing Campaign Says Yes.”  Inspiration hit the moment I read the article.

Russ Hedge, chief executive of Hostelling International USA (HI USA) shares his perspective, “As a nonprofit with a purpose to create a more tolerant world, we know firsthand the transformative power of travel and its ability to break down cultural divides.”  29 Peace Postcard Parties are scheduled to take place at its hostels on September 21.

The Future is A Blank Canvas, paint yours today.

Should the campaign mentioned interest you, here are three ways you may participate: (We hope you will!)

  1. Visit a HI hostel and attend a Peace Postcard Party (hostels in more than 30 countries are participating, but check in advance).
  2. Visit start from anywhere in the world and have a postcard sent to the UN at no cost to you.
  3. Get on Twitter and tag @UN with #PeacePostcard and let them know how travel has opened your mind.

Consider these ideas for sharing your experiences:

  • How travel changed your perspective on life
  • The most intriguing place you visited and why you found it so
  • Wisdom shared by the people you met
  • How travel make an impact on your career
  • Have you encouraged family members to travel?

And when it comes to social media, Twitter, in particular, see who inspires you and consider following them. Thinking globally, sharing information of one another, and making introductions will increase your following and influence.

The side benefit:  As you become more open to thinking globally, sales stress eases to become a fun experience.

Sales Tips for Thinking Globally

  1. List the cultures and landscapes that interest you
  2. Prioritize where you would like to visit
  3. Research the area for things to see and do
  4. Consider what you hope to learn and experience
  5. Re-prioritize where you visit first
  6. The research and preparation are similar to preparing for a sales call
  7. Make travel a habit even if it’s by bus or train
  8. Share your experiences with friends and clientele
  9. Post pictures of the places you visit and share your thought
  10. Celebrate Success!

These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

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