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The Biggest Sales Secret: The Magic Happens When You Stop Selling


The Biggest Sales Secret: The Magic Happens When You Stop Selling

Today, I wanted to share one of the biggest Sales Secrets with you. Once you stop selling, magic will happen. It’s really that simple, or is it?

Unfortunately, many people associate selling with a negative experience, where somebody is trying to talk us into something that we don’t want or need.

That is why I have been on a mission to elevate the reputation of Sales and its Practitioners, because SOMEBODY HAS TO DO IT!!

According to Wikipedia “A sale is the exchange of a commodity or money as the priceof a good or a service.” I really like the term exchange because it implies a partnership, a shared ben

In order for sales people to understand what each of their prospect really needs and or wants, we as sales people need to do a lot of research so we can help our prospects understand how our solution could be of unique value to them.

Sales people can do that by asking lots of questions in order to identify the need. Asking questions is important in every relationship. How on earth would we know what our friends, spouses, colleagues, or children think unless we ask them?

Assuming that we know what prospects want is never a good strategy but that’s exactly what many sales people do. They sell instead of listen.

Only people who are viewed as conceited would recommend anything without knowledge. Imagine, you are at a dinner party and you talk to a person that you just met about the best BBQ ribs “ever” that you just discovered in a cook book. After a long “sales” pitch about this fantastic recipe, you realize that the person is a Vegetarian. Embarrassing? Yes, I would say, but in a social setting the consequences are usually not devastating, and they often can be corrected with humor.

In a sales situation the results are not as amusing, because sometimes you only get one chance to leave a good impression and if you miss it, that could be it (at least for a long time).


I know people who constantly sell. They are trying to sell me on the fact that their wife is the best cook, or that they have the best car, or that their job is not only rewarding but also fulfilling in spite of the fact that they constantly complain about their boss.

Selling is never a good approach. When somebody is trying to sell you something, be on alert. If a person truly has a wife who is a fantastic cook, you don’t have to point it out to me. I will figure it out myself and then praise her skills, which is a lot more authentic.

Professional sales settings aren’t different. Let your satisfied clients do the talking. Send your prospects testimonials instead of praising your own product/service.

And don’t sell. Magic happens when you stop selling………………

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