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The Road to Attracting the Right Client Requires 6 Strategies


The Road to Attracting the Right Client Requires 6 Strategies

We each have our strengths and weaknesses of which we are well aware. When we are asked to do something that points immediately to a weak area, we may cringe but we know it’s even worse to not try. So we do our best knowing the results may not be stellar. And so it was today that I attempted to fulfill a simple enough request but the outcome left something to be desired.  

The following advice applies directly to advancing your career or building a more robust business, and is certainly sales related.  As others see you embracing these success strategies, your actions will signal a strong personal brand as well as imply excellence in customer service.

“Learning becomes the momentum to propel us forward.”

My Story

I was asked to film a video tour of a property. It seemed like a very straightforward request. The only problem is, I view things from a creative standpoint instead of technical.

It seemed to me that in order to capture the essence of each room, a wider view would help considerably. So I turned the camera sideways to film half of the rooms comprising the property. Watching the film later in the day, I recognized the requesting party would have to turn his head sideways in order to enjoy the film. It was my turn to make a request, and that was that he laugh!

On the upside of the embarrassing situation, the younger people also reviewing the property claimed they were both unable to send videos via email because the files always seem to be too big. I suggested they try Dropbox. They were stunned I knew about the app.

Six Simple Strategies for the Complex:

1. Try

Although it’s easier not to try, the problem is, if we don’t try, we will never improve. 

2. Laugh

Early attempts make us feel foolish at times. The best remedy is laughter. Once we do, we’re ready to move forward.

3. Learn

As we humbly move past these hurdles, there are excellent lessons to be learned in many regards.

4. Try Again

Understanding where the trouble spots reside, it’s easy to fix and try once more.

5. Practice

As familiarity increases, more opportunities arise providing practice as a present in disguise.

6. Perfect

Professional photography takes years of practice, so “Perfect” may be a stretch in some cases. However, over time, vast improvement will be seen.


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