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The Secret to Strategic Selling to Improve Social Selling Results


The Secret to Strategic Selling to Improve Social Selling Results

Through the years, many types of sales programs have been presented. One of the better models, of a higher perspective, proved to be Strategic Selling.

It taught us to deliberately choose those accounts with which we wished to work. Today, we have social selling that translates into establishing brand awareness on social media. The two models combined becomes a powerful strategy.

Work with your preferred clientele through research as you establish a recognized brand.  

My Story

Sales representatives are traditionally assigned territories. Management then kindly suggests, “Go make it happen”.   People new to the field soon begin pulling their hair out due to the frustration of continually being told “no” along with not liking anyone they meet. This leads to the revolving door syndrome of accepting jobs and quitting soon after. However, when you take control of how you will sell, the situation dramatically improves.

Strategic Selling

This is when Strategic Selling comes to the rescue. The theme of Strategic Selling is to learn who all of the key players are that will be involved in the decision-making process. The next step is to ask for input from everyone you meet.  

However, the critical step is to be certain you will enjoy working with those you meet in order for success to blossom. The company has to be of interest, and the people likeable whether you are a sales representative, entrepreneur, or a job seeker. Otherwise, attempting to work with just any company will only motivate you to quit.

Social Selling

It’s no secret that social media turned the sales cycle (traditional sales funnel) upside down. Posting content that showcases your thought and how it may help your audience encourages dialogue from interested parties. This shortens the sales cycle because prospective clients approach you. At the same time, you begin to establish a strong brand identity.

Relationship Selling

The crowning glory is when you are able to build relationships with ease at every turn and at every phase of the sales cycle. You are able to tend to extra requests without irritation, and negotiate with a smile. Building a solid footing with everyone you encounter, whether in person or online, produces larger followings and increased sales.


Your Story

Are you employing a variety of strategies in your effort to increase sales or opportunity for career advancement? Consider the following:

  • Experiment with new ways to connect
  • Listen to your gut about whether the opportunity is a good match
  • Intermix strategies

By incorporating a variety of ways to find new opportunities, more will arise. Also be mindful of which strategies appear to be working the best. Dedicate the majority of your time to those. You will soon experience a shortened sales cycle for achieving your goals.

Sales Tips:

  1. Remain current on sales strategy
  2. Read news online for the latest
  3. Experiment with new ideas for building business
  4. Intertwine strategies for a robust effort
  5. Generously share news of interest posted by others
  6. Begin a conversation with those whose posts are of the most interest
  7. Explore ways of collaborating to further extend brand identity
  8. Congratulate others as they are provided recognition
  9. Be an advisor and a friend to increase sales
  10. Treat everyone as an equal to establish sound relationships

These suggestions will help lead you to the Smooth Sale!  

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